PTA2000: Habilitation/Rehabilitation

Credits 6.0
This course allows the student to apply aspects of pathophysiology, body structure and function, and activity as it applies to basic physical therapy procedures utilized to safely guide the patient to maximum independence in activities of daily living (ADLs) and mobility. The student will learn and apply basic principles of body mechanics and the application of these to safe patient handling. The student will learn to assess needs and instruct in ADL techniques, as well as to fit and instruct patients in the safe use of assistive and orthotic devices. Instruction in wound care, in lower extremity amputations and prosthetics, in wheelchair management, in architectural barriers, and in pulmonary care is provided. Intervention techniques pertinent to the above topics are taught and practiced to develop the fundamentals of patient care.


Eight Quarter Program: PTA1001, PTA1003, PTA1005, PTA1006; Nine Quarter Program: PTA1001, PTA1003, PTA1005


Eight Quarter Program: PTA2024, PTA2047; Nine Quarter Program: PTA1006