PHA6535: APPE XI: Elective - Non-Patient Care Rotation

Area of Study
Credits 8.0
An administrative / management / academic non-patient care rotation gives the doctor of pharmacy student an opportunity to acquire first-hand experience in the managerial, administrative, and alternative aspects of pharmacy practice. The experience focuses on the application of management principles in a professional practice setting. The administrative experience can be done at a variety of sites including hospitals, independent and chain community pharmacies, health maintenance organizations, managed care programs, third-party programs, colleges of pharmacy, and manufacturers. To accommodate the needs of the student and best use the resources of the site, the content of the rotation is flexible. It is recognized that each site has its own unique strengths to share with students. At the beginning of the experience, the preceptor and student should jointly select objectives from the attached "menu" below, keeping in mind other practical goals or objectives may also be pursued. It is recommended that approximately four objectives be selected, with about one week devoted to each and allowing for ad hoc experiences to occur. Minimum of 200 contact hours.





Quarter 10, 11, 12