CNS8202: Comprehensive Evaluation

Area of Study
Credits 0
This experience is designed to serve as the formal examination of the knowledge and skills obtained/achieved by a student, to date, in the program. The bodies of knowledge include (yet are not limited to) Human Growth and Development, Social and Cultural Foundations, Helping Relationships, Group Work, Career and Lifestyle Development, Appraisal, Research and Program Evaluation, Professional Orientation and Ethics, Fundamentals of Counseling, Assessment and Career Counseling, and Group Counseling. The examination is comprised of a multiple-choice exam. Students must pass all portions of the exam in order to advance in the program. Those desiring to take the examination must have student status (as defined by South University) in order to enroll and sit for the exam.





Quarter 6 in the 8 Quarter program or Quarter 8 in 10 Quarter program or Approval of the Program Director