BUS4100: Business Internship

Area of Study
Credits 4.0
The internship experience is designed specifically to enable the student to apply classroom knowledge to the work environment, and to better prepare the student to enter the business world. This course is a faculty supervised and evaluated field experience in business management, with a major project as an end product. Students will work with Career Services or the appropriate Department Chair, Program Director, or designee to identify a potential internship site location. Once an acceptable organization and site supervisor are found, the College of Business must approve the organization to be utilized for this purpose. The site supervisor, student, and faculty coordinator, as defined in the College of Business Internship Courses Student Handbook, will arrange for the student to have an opportunity to realize the goals and objectives and apply competencies of this course to real-work situations. Please refer to the Internship Teaming Agreement in the College of Business Internship Courses Student Handbook for further information regarding requirements prior to participating in an internship. Minimum of 120 contact hours. This course is Pass/Fail (P/F).