PSY4470: Forensic Psychology (formerly Psychology and Law)

Area of Study
Credits 4.0
This course introduces students to forensic psychology, which lies at the intersection between psychology and the justice system, and the fundamental legal principles and jurisdictional considerations involved therein. Topics will focus on the various responsibilities afforded to forensic psychologists, including competency evaluations for criminal defendants, child custody evaluations, threat assessments for schools, competency evaluations for the elderly, screening and selection of law enforcement applicants, assessment of post-traumatic disorder, and the delivery and assessment of intervention and treatment programs for juvenile and adult offenders. Lastly, as forensic psychologists must possess the ability to testify in court as an expert witness, the course will address how to reformulate psychological findings into the legal language of the courtroom.


PSY2010, PSY2022, PSY3010, and PSY3300 with grades of "C" or better