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2016-2017 South University Academic Catalog Version I 
2016-2017 South University Academic Catalog Version I [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Associate of Applied Science in Digital Filmmaking & Video Production (AAS)

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Offered at The Art Institute of Charlotte  and The Art Institute of Dallas  

Program Description

The Digital Filmmaking & Video Production (AAS) degree program is designed to provide training for individuals who want to be successful in this fast-paced, creative industry. Whether it’s information or entertainment, the wide appeal of electronic media has created an increasing need for people skilled in video production. Employment opportunities may be found in broadcasting and cable, as well as the entertainment industry and corporations. By working with a faculty that includes experienced professionals, students in the Video Production program can develop competence in the use of a video camera as a technical and imaginative tool for communications art. Pre-production, lighting, and various computer applications are covered in this program.

The program also includes multi-camera production, post-production techniques, nonlinear editing, and the creation of a video from initial idea to final, edited composition. By gaining competencies in camera operations, lighting, editing, electronic newsgathering, along with studio and location productions, students can establish a professional confidence to solve problems and to contribute as a member of an artistic team. A compendium of the student’s best work is assembled in a portfolio videotape and can illustrate to prospective employers the student’s capabilities as camera operator, director, editor, and graphics operator.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates should be able to:

  • Conceptualize, plan, execute, and deliver a production utilizing basic video techniques, and demonstrating technical proficiency that meets minimum industry standards
  • Apply peer and professional critiques in the articulation and justification of aesthetic decisions in their own projects and in the evaluation of other media work
  • Present and conduct themselves professionally and demonstrate an understanding of specific career paths, job responsibilities, and industry expectations
  • Apply basic business practices of the media industry while maintaining legal and ethical standards
  • Apply basic media-related research, writing, and verbal communication skills to their work
  • Seek entry-level employment opportunities that exist in the preproduction, lighting, directing, technical, broadcast, production, post-production, and business arenas

Requirements for Graduation

Credit Hours: 90
Number of Weeks: 66 (6 quarters)
Contact Hours: 1,232

Associate of Applied Science in Digital Filmmaking & Video Production: 90 Credits

General Education Credits: 24

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