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2016-2017 South University Academic Catalog Version I 
2016-2017 South University Academic Catalog Version I [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Bachelor of Science in Audio Production (BS)

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Offered at The Art Institute of Dallas  

Program Description

The tools for recording, editing, and delivery of audio are evolving at a rapid pace. Today’s professional audio engineers and producers must constantly stay abreast of current developments in equipment technology and production methods. To do this, they must have a solid foundation in the basic physics of sound and acoustics as well as skills in equipment operation, usage, and design.

The Audio Production (BS) degree program is designed to meet the needs of the industry by offering a curriculum that aims to provides students with a solid background in technology, theory and industry practices. Practical hands-on experience with recording and live production equipment is essential to being prepared for the contemporary market place.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates should be able to:

  • Production - Conceptualize, plan, execute, and deliver quality multitrack recordings and voiceovers, and post-production projects, integrating  knowledge and application of audio theory, critical listening skills, and industry standards using industry-related tools
  • Professionalism - Present and conduct themselves professionally and evaluate specific career paths, job responsibilities, and industry expectations while creating a professional business plan and an effective portfolio
  • Critical Thinking - Efficiently evaluate and solve problems typically encountered by audio professionals
  • Evaluation - Evaluate and apply peer and professional critique as well as self-evaluation to continuously improve the quality of their work
  • Business - Evaluate and  analyze  the business and economic principles and practices of the audio industry while maintaining legal and ethical standards

Requirements for Graduation

Credit Hours: 180
Number of Weeks: 132 (12 quarters)
Contact Hours: 2,464

Bachelor of Science in Audio Production: 180 Credits

Program-Specific Credits: 132

General Education Credits: 48

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