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2016-2017 South University Academic Catalog Version I 
2016-2017 South University Academic Catalog Version I [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Healthcare Management (BS)

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Offered at South University, Austin; South University, Cleveland; South University, Columbia; South University, High Point; South University, Montgomery; South University, Novi; South University, Online Programs; South University, Richmond; South University, Savannah; South University, Tampa; South University, Virginia Beach; and South University, West Palm Beach

The Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management degree program is based on the premise that successful healthcare managers need to have strong business skills. This program is designed to provide students with the necessary foundation to seek entry-level employment in the healthcare services industry. The foundation of management theory and business course skills affords students the opportunity to use the analytic approaches in their healthcare management courses that can be transferred into the healthcare services environment.

By the end of the program the student should be able to:

  • Demonstrate ability to discuss and apply knowledge of terminology, concepts and principles specific to the healthcare management field.
  • Demonstrate ability to research, critically analyze, appropriately interpret and utilize data in problem solving, decision-making and case study analysis within the healthcare management environment.
  • Utilize appropriate and professional communication skills including appropriate referencing of sources.

Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management: 180 Credits

Area I General Education Requirements: 64-68 Credits

Professional Development

Basic Communications

Mathematics and Statistics

Choose two additional courses from the following:


*If a BS Healthcare Management student chooses to take an Anatomy and Physiology course, only BIO1011  and BIO1013  satisfy the Natural Sciences requirement. Students enrolling in either course must, however, also take the related co-requisite lab courses: BIO1012  and BIO1014  respectively. Students electing this option for their Natural Sciences requirement will complete up to 184 credit hours of work for their degree, depending on their exact choice.

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Choose one additional course from the following:

Area II Foundation Requirements: 28 Credits

Area III Major Requirements: 88 Credits

Elective Pool (eight courses or 32 credit hours)

Transfer students may transfer any course to help fulfill the elective pool requirements, provided the course meets the standards of the Credit for Transcripted and Non-transcripted Work policy found in the Academic Affairs section of this catalog.

Non-transfer students, with their advisor’s consultation and approval may choose courses from any department recommended and listed course or more broadly from any course offered by South University. Work from other fields must include any required prerequisite courses in the elective field.

A course can be used to meet only one requirement in Area I, Area II, or Area III, but not simultaneously in two areas. Students should work with their academic advisor or counselor to be sure they are making appropriate course choices.


** Requires a prerequisite that may or may not satisfy Area I. If not, then prerequisite must be selected as an elective.

South University, Online Program offerings may not be available to residents of all states.  Please contact an admissions representative for further information.

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