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2015-2016 South University Academic Catalog version II 
2015-2016 South University Academic Catalog version II [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Pharmacy/Business Joint Degree (PharmD/MBA)

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Offered at South University, Columbia and South University, Savannah to students enrolled in the Doctor of Pharmacy Degree program.

South University offers the opportunity to pursue the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree simultaneously with the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree. This presents the student with the prospect of earning both degrees with an expected substantial time savings over that required to earn each degree separately.  Completion of degree requirements for the PharmD degree is expected to precede those of the MBA degree.

The South University Master of Business Administration program prepares students for leadership positions in profit and not for profit organizations. These positions require strong competencies in the fundamentals of business and management. The curriculum is designed to provide students a sound foundation in basic business skills followed by cross-functional core courses covering the best practices for business decisions to deliver goods and services to constituents.

Admission Requirements

Doctor of Pharmacy students with a grade point average of 2.70 or higher and not on academic or professional probation may apply to the MBA program upon completion of the equivalent of 120 undergraduate quarter hours which coincides with the end of the fourth quarter of the Pharm. D. program. Students who do not have the 2.70 grade point average may take the Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT). Admission may be granted if the combined GMAT score is at the 50th percentile or higher.

Application for entry into the MBA program later than the fourth quarter will likely result in a decreased time savings and will require special permission from both the College of Business and School of Pharmacy.

Satisfactory Progress

The guidelines outlined in the Catalog and repeated in the School of Pharmacy Handbook will apply to courses taken to fulfill the requirements for the Pharm. D. degree. However, for subsequent courses taken to fulfill the requirements for the MBA degree, the guidelines outlined in the Catalog and repeated in the College of Business Handbook will apply. In addition, students with a grade of 2.00 or less in any course will be required to meet with the Pharm. D/MBA Directors of the Program to discuss their academic progress.

Sequence of Courses

After completion of the equivalent of 120 undergraduate quarter hours and acceptance to the MBA program, students who have taken the prerequisite courses at the undergraduate level, may proceed to the fundamental and core courses. Upon completion of the core courses, students proceed to the specialization courses in the area of Pharmacy Administration. Upon completion of these specialization courses, students proceed to the MBA6999 Strategic Development and Implementation  course. This completes the requirements for the MBA.

Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration with Pharmacy Administration Specialization: 47 Credits

Choose one course from the two courses listed below


(An Administrative Rotation will be required as part of the Pharm. D. course credits)


Course Timing

  • Two foundation courses completed as electives during quarters 8 and 9
  • Two foundation courses completed in quarters 10 and 11
  • Four specialization courses completed during quarters 6, 7, and 9
  • Three core, one specialization, and capstone course completed in quarters 12, 13, and 14
  • One rotation must be in Pharmacy Administration

MBA with Pharmacy Administration Specialization Course Calendar

 Quarter 1* through 5 all students follow the Pharmacy curriculum outline for the PharmD program.  Beginning IN Quarter 6 PharmD/MBA students will add the MBA required courses to their Quarterly enrollment as follows:


Q6  PHA4335  Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics (s) (3ch)
Q7  PHA5333  Drug Information Research Design (s) (3ch) and PHA5353  Pharmacy Practice Management (s) (3ch)
Q8  MBA5001  Organization Behavior and Communication (f) as SOP Elective (4ch)
Q9  MBA5005  Law and Ethics for Managers (f) as SOP Elective (4ch) and PHA5350  Health Economics and Outcomes Assessment (s) (2ch)
Q10  MBA 5009  Managerial Environment (f) (4ch)
Q11  MBA 5004  Microeconomics and Decision Making (f) (4ch)
Q12  MBA6010  Managerial Finance (c) (4ch)
Q13  MBA6011  Strategic Marketing (c) (4ch) and MBA6012  Operations and Supply Chain Management (c) (4ch)
Q14  MBA6999  Strategic Development and Implementation (ca) (4ch) and the choice of one (1) of the following: MHC6303  Quality Performance and Management (s) (4ch) or MHC6304  Health Policy (s) (4ch)

*Quarter 1 for the Pharm D program begins in the 3rd quarter of the calendar year.

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