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2015-2016 South University Academic Catalog version II 
2015-2016 South University Academic Catalog version II [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Graphic Design (AS)

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This program is offered at the Columbia campus. The Associate of Science in Graphic Design degree program is designed to help students prepare for entry-level positions in the ever-changing and diverse field of advertising, publishing, and communications. Students develop technical and aesthetic skills through hands-on experience with illustration, graphic design, computer graphics, desktop publishing, designing with type, production, and photography.

Graduates of the program are prepared for entry-level positions such as assistant designer, graphic designer, production artist, and layout artist. The program is structured so that a student can continue directly into the Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design degree program.

Students in the program may demonstrate the following student learning outcomes:

  • Basic level of understanding of the overall creative process in the graphic arts.
  • Strong foundation in the application of design principles, color theories and typographic fundamentals in a portfolio of design work.
  • Ability to create new conceptual design ideas from available research or other data.
  • Critical thinking skills in sketching, planning, and producing design projects.
  • Basic knowledge of graphic design history, design and art styles, the impact of evolving technology on the graphic arts, and modern trends in art and design.
  • Portfolio organization, neatness, and precision - and a basic understanding of artwork and presentation standards for print media.
  • Solid foundation in basic operation and use of computer systems and design software, as well as other peripherals and traditional tools commonly found in graphic design businesses.
  • Growing commitment to developing design skills and to lifelong learning.

Associate of Science in Graphic Design: 94 Credits

Area 1 General Education Requirements: 40 Credits

Professional Development

Basic Communications

Mathematics and Statistics (choose one)

Natural Sciences (choose one)

Social and Behavioral Sciences (choose one)

Area II Major Program Requirements: 54 Credits

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