Sep 30, 2023  
2015-2016 South University Academic Catalog version II 
2015-2016 South University Academic Catalog version II [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

NSG4069 Caring for Diverse and Vulnerable Populations II

Prerequisite(s): NSG3068 (For Cleveland and Novi campuses: NSG3069)
Co-requisite(s): None
This community practice/seminar course builds on NSG3069. Concepts related to community, community-based and public health nursing are addressed. Students participate in public health and community-based experiences. Areas of clinical concentration include: disparity, vulnerability, socioeconomic determinants of health, environment, epidemiological issues, and communicable disease. Evidence-based practice for community and public health nursing is integrated into the clinical experience. The relationship of evidence to formation of health policy is explored. Students explore the impact of culture on the definition of health. 2 credit hours