NSG8110: Capstone in Applied Practice III

Area of Study
Credits 1.0

In this third course of a four-course series, the DNP student implements the evidence-based scholarly project specific to a population of interest within an identified clinical setting. Continued and ongoing interaction with the assigned mentor is expected and modifications of protocols are completed, where indicated, at this time. . Each student will be required to submit individual objectives at the beginning of the semester for each of the four courses. The objectives will be signed by the student and the mentor. The student will be evaluated according to the requirements of the course within the context of the agreed-upon objectives. A grade of B or better is needed in order to pass this course.


NSG7000, NSG7005, NSG7010, NSG7015, NSG7020, PHE5015, PHE5020, NSG8100, NSG8105 and NSG7221, NSG7222 or NSG7223 (if required)