NSG8100: Capstone in Applied Practice I

Area of Study
Credits 1.0

This integrated scholarly effort is presented in a series of four sequential one-credit offerings that provide the DNP student with substantive opportunities to engage in exploration of a critical clinical question. This comprehensive exploration is conducted as a mentored experience and includes identification, development, implementation, evaluation and dissemination of an independent scholarly project. This scholarly project focuses on problems of practice within a defined organization or within specific populations. Each course builds on the existing knowledge and practice expertise of the DNP student within the broader context of translating science into clinical practice or solving for intractable clinical problems in which outcomes management, including quality and safety, are essential. The range of projects varies according to the interest of the individual DNP student. A grade of B or better is necessary to successfully complete this course.


NSG7000, NSG7005, NSG7010, NSG7015, NSG7020, and NSG7221, NSG7222 or NSG7223 (if required)