NSG7210: Advanced Nursing Field Experience III

Area of Study
Credits 6.0

Theory, evidence, and the systematic translation of nursing science into practice provide the basis for DNP practica experiences across the program of study. Students investigate clinical problems and refine their clinical translational capabilities within the context of the broader health care system. Clinical learning is directed toward systematic application of knowledge and scientific discovery in resolving new or persistent problems affecting the safety and quality of patient care. Mentored clinical application of evidence-based knowledge and skills, as well as independent investigation and evaluation of outcomes, support knowledge acquisition, as well as integration of the DNP role into the complex circumstances of contemporary nursing practice. Leadership, consultation, advocacy, fiscal accountability and interdisciplinary collaboration serve as core competencies to effect organizational change. A grade of B or better is necessary to successfully complete this course. 


Admission to the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program, NSG7000, NSG7005, NSG7010, NSG7015, NSG7020, PHE5015, PHE5020, and NSG7221, NSG7222 or NSG7223, if required.