NSG6620: Practicum I: Quantitative Skills in Nursing Administration

Area of Study
Credits 4.0
This course is the first course in a two-course series which synthesizes content from the specialty administrative courses into a culminating "clinical" nursing administrative experience. In both courses the learner enacts the role of the nurse administrator. Content will include didactic and clinical administrative experiences. The course involves obtaining a local mentor and practicing the administrative role under guided mentorship. The majority of didactic course work includes practical experience with budgets, developing and honing leadership style and expertise, initiating collaborative practice and teambuilding, as well as working with change and motivational theories. The learner will incorporate the five pillars of the conceptual framework into administrative experiences. The majority of clinical time will be spent in an administrative organizational setting mutually agreed upon by the instructor, the mentor and the student. A minimum grade of a B is required to pass the didactic and practicum component. Online time will be used to analyze and evaluate this experience. A minimum of 100 practicum hours is required in the chosen administration setting (2 didactic hours and 2 practicum hours {1 practicum hour = 50 hours}).