NSG6020: Advanced Health and Physical Assessment

Area of Study
Credits 6.0
This course is designed to apply holistic health concepts by performing culturally sensitive comprehensive history taking, physical and psychological assessment of client's signs and symptoms, pathophysiologic changes, and psychosocial variations of the client including the individual, family, and community. The purpose of this comprehensive assessment is for the student to develop a thorough understanding of the client's health status in order to determine appropriate and effective health care strategies that include health promotion and illness prevention across the life span. Taking into consideration client's diverse needs, a major focus is on symptom/health problem assessment, client teaching using a culturally appropriate approach and the selection and interpretation of screening and diagnostic tests in order to formulate and effectively communicate differential diagnoses. The course will include 50 precepted clinical hours. (4 didactic, 1 lab, 1 clinical) (1 lab = 30 hours) (1 clinical hour = 50 clinical hours) Total clinical/lab hours = 80. A minimum grade of B is required to pass the didactic component. The clinical practicum is pass/fail. The clinical practicum must be passed in order to successfully complete the course.