NSG3024: Fundamentals of Nursing Skills Lab

Area of Study
Credits 4.0
This laboratory course is designed to provide the student with practical application of NSG3023. This interactive course concentrates on psychomotor performance. Students will practice skills until proficient. Practice sessions may include class partners, simulations manikins, and a variety of supplies and equipment. Students must satisfactorily perform all assigned skills to successfully complete the course. Skills for this course will enable the student to care for persons with special needs including clients with immobility problems, skin integrity and wound problems, sensory alterations, the surgical client, elders and those requiring extended care. Components of professionalism (competency, legal, ethical, political and economic issues), communication, and critical thinking are incorporated throughout this course to enable students to integrate theory and practice for each skill. Students must demonstrate competence of all assigned assessment skills and achieve 80% on a dosage calculation examination to pass the course 4 credits/8 lab hours week. Course final grade is Pass or Fail (P/F).