BIO1013 and BIO1014

Elective Credits 6

(must be taken concurrently)

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Anatomy and Physiology II is a continuation of Anatomy and Physiology I. BIO1013 is an introduction to the structure and functions of the human body including the endocrine system, circulatory system, respiratory system, GI system, urinary system, reproductive system, and genetics.

Credits : 4

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Anatomy and Physiology II Lab is designed to support, amplify, and clarify the material presented in the theory class BIO 1013 through demonstration and exercises utilizing chart, models, tissues, and organs, as well as typical laboratory equipment. The second part of the term will include a whole specimen dissection, which will assist the comprehensive review of both BIO1011 and BIO1013. Laboratory topic content shall follow the theory class very closely.

Credits : 2

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