Master of Science in Physician Assistant Code of Conduct


The South University Student Handbook defines a Code of Conduct that must be followed by all students. Failure to comply with general University policies will result in referral to the Progress and Promotions Committee according to defined disciplinary procedures enforced which may result in dismissal from the program. All Code of Conduct violations will be reported to the Student Progress and Promotions Committee and will be considered relative to the student’s suitability for continued participation in the program and/or entry into the Physician Assistant profession. Each student shall be attired appropriately whenever they are in a clinical (patient care) environment. Failure to adhere to appropriate guidelines for attire can result in dismissal from clinical activity with subsequent violation of program policies.

One of the South University, Master of Science in Physician Assistant program’s core tenets is that Physicians and PAs are called to the highest standards of honor and professional conduct. It is critical that our students understand this responsibility begins at the inception of medical education rather than upon receipt of degree; and they must uphold the following standards that serve as an embodiment of these beliefs. These standards are intended to promote an atmosphere of honesty, trust, and cooperation among the students, the faculty, their patients, and society. Students in the Physician Assistant program are expected to demonstrate behavior that is considered appropriate for a career in medicine. Appropriate behavior includes, but is not in any way limited to honesty, trustworthiness, professional demeanor, respect for the rights of others, personal accountability, and concern for the welfare of patients –all of which are outlined below.

Violations of these Standards of Professionalism may result in disciplinary proceedings.  For more information on policies and expectations on PA student conduct see the PA program Student Handbook.

South University publishes its Academic Integrity Policy in the South University Academic Catalog.  All students are expected to abide by this policy. 

Alleged violations of the South University Academic Integrity Policy will be referred to the Physician Assistant Program’s Progress and Promotions Committee for review.  If the Progress and Promotions Committee determines that there is adequate evidence of an Academic Integrity violation, the case will be referred for disciplinary action.  Above and beyond the penalties imposed according to the Academic Integrity Policy, the Progress and Promotions Committee has the authority to add additional sanctions and/or remediation.