MGT4070: Strategic Management

Area of Study
Credits 4.0

This capstone course is intended to integrate subject matter from more specialized business courses and related areas of study to help students develop conceptual skills needed in management. Major topics include the development of organizational strategy, decision making within a strategic framework, the planning process, formulation of objectives and policies, and the management of change. Use of the case method will draw significantly on students' prior management study and experience. Students will review business concepts for all areas of the business curriculum and demonstrate proficiency in the common professional components required of effective business managers and leaders through a standardized business test.


Bachelor of Business Administration Students: ACC1003, BUS2023, BUS3055, BUS3059, FIN4060, MGT3059, MKT2010. For BS Accounting and BS to MS Accounting Students: ACC1003, BUS2023, BUS3055, BUS3059, FIN2030, MGT3059, MKT2010