Sep 30, 2023  
2019-2020 South University Academic Catalog Version II 
2019-2020 South University Academic Catalog Version II [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

2019-2020 South University Academic Catalog Version II

Institutional Mission

South University is a private academic institution dedicated to providing educational opportunities for the intellectual, social, and professional development of a diverse student population.

To achieve this purpose, the institution offers focused and balanced curricula at the associate’s, baccalaureate, master’s and doctoral levels. A broad-based core curriculum is offered promoting critical thinking, effective verbal and written communication, and skills for life-long learning. Additionally, the University focuses on developing the requisites to pursue and appreciate knowledge. South University’s approach to higher education and the resulting varied academic experiences provide students with the intellectual acumen and pragmatic approach necessary to create the foundation for personal and professional fulfillment. South University attempts to provide a comprehensive education that instills within its students a philosophy that values not only learning and professionalism but also contribution and commitment to the advancement of community.

Believing that qualified individuals should have the privilege of formal academic training, South University welcomes those who seek educational challenges. To this end, the University provides a learning environment, both on-campus and online, that helps students identify goals and the means to achieve them. With this philosophy in mind, students learn by interacting with a community of faculty, staff and administration dedicated to South University’s academic purpose.


Students should be aware that programmatic requirements (i.e., degree) may be offered in a variety of combined instructional modalities including (but not limited to) ground, online, blended/hybrid, videoteleconferencing, externship and clinical (e.g., internship, practicum, experiential) formats. Some programs may have limited program delivery options.  Please see your Academic Counselor for additional information.