FIN2030: Introduction to Finance

Credits 4.0
This course exposes the student to a wide range of important issues in managerial and personal finance, including such topics as the role of finance in organizations, principles of financial analysis, forecasting and working capital management, and the basics of analysis and evaluation of investments such as stocks, mutual funds and bonds.

FIN3030: Corporate Finance

Credits 4.0
An introductory course in the financial management of non-financial corporations, this course focuses on the role of interest rates and capital markets in the economy. A variety of topics are addressed, including the structure and analysis of financial statements, time value of money circulations, and the valuation of income-producing physical assets.

FIN4060: Financial Statement Analysis

Credits 4.0

This course covers the decision-making principles of accounting and finance in an integrated manner. Material includes the recognition and understanding of the estimates and assumptions underlying financial statements.