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2016-2017 South University Academic Catalog Version I 
2016-2017 South University Academic Catalog Version I [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

For Further Information - Contact List

South University Locations

(Art Institute Campuses, click here)

South University, Austin

South University, Austin
1220 W. Louis Henna Blvd.
Round Rock, TX 78681
Phone: 512-516-8800
Toll-Free: 877-659-5706

President Shelby Frutchey,, 877-659-5706

Dean of Student Affairs, Lisa Steffensen., 877-659-5706

Registrar, Jenn Kisel,, 877-659-5706

Dean of Academic Affairs & Operations, Melanie Baak., 877-659-5706

Senior Director of Admissions, Daniel Whittaker,, 877-659-5706

Director of Financial Aid, James Klein,, 877-659-5706

South University, Cleveland

South University, Cleveland
4743 Richmond Road
Warrensville Heights, OH 44128
Phone: 215-755-5000
Toll-Free: 855-398-9280

President, Scott Behmer,, 855-398-9280

Dean of Student Affairs, David Travis,, 855-398-9280

Registrar, Bryan J. Boatright,, 855-398-9280

Dean of Academic Affairs & Operations, Bruce Campbell,, 855-398-9280

 Senior Director of Admissions, Sarah Benko,, 855-398-9280

Director of Student Financial Services, Traci Velardo,, 855-398-9280

Financial Aid Officer, Lis Blackburn,, 855-398-9280

Financial Aid Officer, Jennifer Flanick,, 855-398-9280

South University, Columbia

South University, Columbia
9 Science Court
Columbia, SC 29203
Phone: 803-799-9082
Toll-Free: 866-629-3031

President, David Shoop,, 866-629-3031

Dean of Student Affairs, Stanley Singleton,, 866-629-3031

Registrar, Kelly Andrews,, 866-629-3031

Dean of Academic Affairs & Operations, Marta Urdaneta,, 866-629-3031

Senior Director of Admissions, Theresa Byme,, 866-629-3031

Director of Student Financial Services, Antony Otto,,

Financial Aid Officer, Ricky Vassor,, 866-629-3031

Financial Aid Officer, Darlene Lindler,, 866-629-3031

Financial Aid Officer, Brandon Hanna,, 866-629-3031

Financial Aid Officer, Kerri Danner,, 866-629-3031

Financial Aid Officer, Yolanda Johnson,, 866-629-3031

South University, High Point

South University, High Point
3975 Premier Drive
High Point, NC 27265
Phone: 336-812-7200
Toll-Free: 855-268-2187

President, OPEN, 855-268-2187

Dean of Student Affairs, OPEN, 855-268-2187

Registrar, Jason Caranci, 855-268-2187

Dean of Academic Affairs & Operations, Interim, Jeff Leatherman,, 855-268-2187

Senior Director of Admissions, Andrew Laver,, 855-268-2187

Financial Aid Officer, Adina Taylor,, 336-812-7221

Financial Aid Officer, Beatriz Dries,, 336-812-7225

Financial Aid Officer, Katina McGill,, 336-812-7222

South University, Montgomery

South University, Montgomery
5355 Vaughn Road
Montgomery, AL 36116-1120
Phone: 334-395-8800
Toll-Free: 866-629-2962

President, Victor Biebighauser,, 866-629-2962

Dean of Student Affairs, Patricia McCormick,, 866-629-2962

Registrar, Angela Newton,, 866-629-2962

Dean of Academic Affairs & Operations, Kandis Steele,, 866-629-2962

Senior Director of Admissions, William M. Eagerton, Jr.,, 866-629-2962

Director of Student Financial Services, Yvonne R. Miller,, 866-629-2963

Financial aid officer, Terri Thomas,, 866-629-2963

Financial aid officer, Takena Jones,, 866-629-2963

Financial aid officer, LaKeshia Osborne,, 866-629-2963

South University, Novi

South University, Novi
41555 Twelve Mile Road
Novi, MI 48377
Phone: 248-675-0200
Toll-Free: 877-693-2085

President, Sheila Malewska,, 877-693-2085

Dean of Student Affairs, Reginald Motley,, 877-693-2085

Registrar, Colleen Cleland,, 877-693-2085

Dean of Academic Affairs & Operations, Jason Young,, 877-693-2085

Senior Director of Admissions, Jimmy Veliu,, 877-693-2085

Dean of Academic Affairs & Operations, Marcella Wilhoite,, 877-693-2085

Senior Director of Admissions, Jessica Reed,, 877-693-2085

Director of Student Financial Services, Cristy Ratliff,, 877-693-2085

Financial Aid Officer, Kimberly Mahone,, 877-693-2085

Financial Aid Officer, Shanine Williams,, 877-693-2085

South University, Online Programs

South University, Online Programs
709 Mall Boulevard
Savannah, GA 31406-4805
Toll-Free: 888-444-3404

Online students should file complaints with

Vice Chancellor of Online and Strategic Operations, Steven Read,, 888-444-3404

Assistant Vice Chancellor of Online Academic Operations, Destini Copp,, 404-432-3475

Senior Director of Student Affairs, Patricia Trotter,, 888-444-3404 (South University, Online Programs contact person for non-descrimination policy)

Senior Director of Student Financial Services, Corey Rethage,, 888-444-3404

Director of Registrar Operations, Toni Lynn DeBord,, 888-444-3404

Financial Aid Counselor, Arianna Buckalew,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Felipe Constantino,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Ross Davids,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Shavonda Nabors,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Janak Parekh,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Isabelle Dolce,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Anthon Ferrin,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Julio Flores,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Alaina Mckinley,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Anthony Ruiz,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor,  Allison Williams,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Amanda Samuelson,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Megan Auge,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Heather l Boyle,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Kayla Burzio,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Chanelle Drewery,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Jessica Hathorn,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Brittny Jackson,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Shamry Kenley,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Austin Mattioli,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Mia McKeveny,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Vanessa Nelson,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Jamar Robinson,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Luke Strejcek,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Dwayne Brunson,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Tanecha Campbell,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Samuel Clarke,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Kelvin Drewery,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Brian Eisenreich,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Torie Haley,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Jenna Luka-Kapello,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Christine Ridout,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Matt Shusko,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Jonathan Skonezny,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Morris Southern,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Jeremiah Sullivan,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Beth Veronis,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Stacey Cooper,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, James Gawronski,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Tonya James,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Charles Peterson,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Melissa Schrand,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Kelly Wiley,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Alisa Wolfe,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Samantha Zubel,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Angela De luna,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Katie Heyman,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Lisa Honig,, 888-444-3404
Financial Aid Counselor, Paul Zubel,, 888-444-3404

South University, Richmond

South University, Richmond
2151 Old Brick Road
Glen Allen, VA 23060
Phone: 804-727-6800
Toll-Free: 888-422-5076

President, Troy Ralston,, 888-422-5076

Dean of Student Affairs, Catherine F. Batten,, 888-422-5076

Registrar, Leigh Lafferty,, 888-422-5076

Dean of Academic Affairs & Operations, Jason Crittenden,, 888-422-5076

Senior Director of Admissions, Barbara Burnette,, 888-422-5076

Director of Student Financial Services, Andrew Sagadraca,, 888-422-5076

Financial Aid Officer, Christine Audet,, 888-422-5076

Financial Aid Officer, Jackie Thomas,, 888-422-5076

Financial Aid Officer, Michael Weindling,, 888-422-5076

South University, Savannah and Accelerated Graduate Programs

South University, Savannah
709 Mall Boulevard
Savannah, GA 31406-4805
Phone: 912-201-8000
Toll-Free: 866-629-2901

President, Todd Cellini,, 866-629-2901

Dean of Student Affairs, Kari L. Pahno,, 866-629-2901

Registrar, Tasha Richardson,, 866-629-2901

Dean of Academic Affairs & Operations, J. Tim Blackston,, 866-629-2901

Senior Director of Admissions, Charlie Parker,, 866-629-2901

Associate Director of Financial Services, Carolyn Bentley,, 866-629-2901

Financial Aid Officer, Shawanna Arkwright,, 866-629-2901

Financial Aid Officer, T'Lene Drzymalski,, 866-629-2901

Financial Aid Officer, Alex Hernandez,, 866-629-2901

Financial Aid Officer, Dom Pannazzo,, 866-629-2901

Financial Aid Officer, Paul Smith,, 866-629-2901

South University, Tampa

South University, Tampa
4401 North Himes Avenue, Suite 175
Tampa, FL 33614-7095
Phone: 813-393-3800
Toll-Free: 800-846-1472

President, Jim McCoy,, 800-846-1472

Dean of Student Affairs, Heather Grahek,, 800-846-1472

Registrar, Kendrick Scales,, 800-846-1472

Dean of Academic Affairs & Operations, Lisa Summins,, 800-846-1472

Senior Director of Admissions, Shaila M. Luciano-Wong,, 800-846-1472

Director of Student Financial Services, Christie Addison,

Financial Aid Officer, Leonard Deshommes,, 800-846-1472

Financial Aid Officer, DaShika George,, 800-846-1472

Financial Aid Officer, Josephine Inthirath,, 800-846-1472

Financial Aid Officer, Jasmine Smith,, 800-846-1472

South University, Orlando Learning Site

South University, Orlando Learning Site
Millenia Park One
4901 Vineland Road, Suite 140
Orlando, FL 32811
Phone: 407-393-3100
Toll-Free: 844-272-3438

All inquiries for South University, Orlando Learning Site should be directed to the appropriate staff at South University, Tampa; listed above.

South University, Virginia Beach

South University, Virginia Beach
301 Bendix Road, Suite 100
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
Phone: 757-493-6900
Toll-Free: 877-206-1845

President, Scot Haynes,, 877-206-1845

Dean of Student Affairs, James Tallmadge,, 877-206-1845

Registrar, German S. Mendez,, 877-206-1845

Dean of Academic Affairs & Operations, Caroline Rivera,, 877-206-1845

Senior Director of Admissions, Ethan Evans,, 877-206-1845

Director of Student Financial Services, Angela Cordisco,, 877-206-1845

Financial Aid Officer, Cherlean Gebara,, 877-206-1845

Financial Aid Officer, Stephanie Gerbrick,, 877-206-1845

Financial Aid Officer, Valerie Meskimen,, 877-206-1845

Financial Aid Officer, Alison Ruotolo,, 877-206-1845

South University, West Palm Beach

South University, West Palm Beach
University Centre
9801 Belvedere Road
Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411
Phone: 561-273-6500
Toll-Free: 866-629-2902

President, Open, 866-629-2902

Dean of Student Affairs, Maria Santos,, 866-629-2902

Registrar, Regina Ricketts,, 866-629-2902

Dean of Academic Affairs & Operations, Ron Biron,, 866-629-2902

Senior Director of Admissions, Gary Malisos,, 866-629-2902

Director of Student Financial Services, Erika Landa,, 866-629-2902

Assistant Director of Student Financial Services, Megan Schickedanz,, 866-629-2902

Financial Aid Officer, Angel Almodovar,, 866-629-2902

Financial Aid Officer, Rosa Cruz,, 866-629-2902

Financial Aid Officer, Javier Ramos,, 866-629-2902

Financial Aid Officer, Maria Sori,, 866-629-2902

The Art Institute of Charlotte, a campus of South University

The Art Institute of Charlotte, a campus of South University
Three Lake Pointe Plaza
2110 Water Ridge Parkway
Charlotte, NC 28217-4536
Phone: 704-357-8020
Toll-Free: 800-872-4417

Interim President,  Sheila Sauchuk,, 800-872-4417

Director of Student Services, Meagan Glasco,, 800-872-4417

Registrar, Latasha Burton,, 800-872-4417

Dean of Academic Affairs, Mark M. Martin,, 800-872-4417

Senior Director of Admissions, Michelle Laing,, 800-872-4417

Financial Aid Officer, Emmett Ballard,, 704-357-4683

Financial Aid Officer, Cassandra Mack,, 704-357-5889

Financial Aid Office, Altovise Barber,, 704-357-2544

Financial Aid Officer, Meisha McLeod,, 704-357-2406

Financial Aid Officer, Breanna Younger,, 704-357-6316

Financial Aid Officer, Mary Ellen Croy,, 704-357-2413

The Art Institute of Dallas, a campus of South University

The Art Institute of Dallas, a campus of South University
8080 Park Lane, Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75231-5993
Phone: 214-692-8080
Toll-Free: 800-275-4243

President, Barbara Janowski,, 800-275-4243

Director of Student Services, April D Burt,, 800-275-4243

Registrar, Patrick A. Lewis,, 800-275-4243

Dean of Academic Affairs, Jan Parker,, 800-275-4243

Senior Director of Admissions, Kyan M. Flynn,, 800-275-4243

Financial Aid Officer, Patrice Hill,, 469-587-1209

Financial Aid Officer, Samona Griffin,, 469-587-1309

Financial Aid Office, Dan'Yell Quickley,, 469-587-1447

Financial Aid Officer, Susana Vidal,, 469-587-1259

Financial Aid Officer, Randy Ingersoll,, 469-587-1249

Financial Aid Officer, Jezthabel Sierra-Garcia,, 469-587-1305

The Art Institute of Fort Worth, a campus of South University

The Art Institute of Fort Worth, a campus of South University
7000 Calmont Avenue, Suite 150
Fort Worth, TX 76116
Phone: 817-210-0808
Toll-Free: 888-422-9686
Fax: 817-210-0901

President, Barbara Janowski,, 800-275-4243

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, David Sorrells,, 888-422-9686

Financial Aid Officer, Jezthabel Sierra-Garcia,, 469-587-1305

The Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham, a campus of South University

The Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham, a campus of South University
410 Blackwell Street, Suite 200
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: 919-317-3050
Toll-Free: 888-245-9593

President, Christopher J. Mesecar,, 888-245-9593

Director of Student Affairs, David Lee,, 888-245-9593

Registrar, Jacqueline M. Blake,, 888-245-9593

Dean of Academic Affairs, Dutchie Reid,, 888-245-9593

Senior Director of Admissions, Bobbi Andrews,, 888-245-9593

Director of Student Financial Services, Ian Borell-Fry,, 919-317-3106

Financial Aid Officer, Derwin Hampton,, 919-317-3164

Financial Aid Officer, Laura Antonelli,, 919-317-3056