Jun 01, 2023  
2022-2023 South University Academic Catalog Version III 
2022-2023 South University Academic Catalog Version III

Faculty and Staff

University Administration

Akita Abron, Enrollment Processor II
Christopher Aguirre, Financial Aid Processor II
Kara Anderson, Financial Aid Processor II
Tasha Anderson, Director of Academic Operations Training
Kelly Andrews, Regional Registrar
Anne Auditore, HR Business Partner
Ken Baker, Vice President of Marketing
Carol Begaye, Financial Aid Processor II
Kerry-Ann Beru, Instructional Designer II
Amber Blackmore, Enrollment Processor II
Lisa Bottari, Centralized Financial Aid Processing Manager
Jennifer Canary, Senior Faculty Scheduling Specialist
Myrna Cano-Wolfbrandt, Director of Education and Innovation
Michael Carson, Director of Assessment
James Caruso, Finance Director
Paula Catanese, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition
Lori Cohens, Transfer Credit Coordinator
Jessica Considder, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Admissions
Rachel Considder, Enrollment Processor Lead
Stephanie Conti, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Admissions
Lauren Cormas, Registrar Lead
Jacqueling Cota, Senior Faculty Scheduling Specialist
April Curry, Academic Operations Specialist
Emily Davis, Transfer Credit Coordinator
Jamie Davis, Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs
Sacha Davis, Financial Aid Processor III
Toni Lynn DeBord, University Registrar
Jennifer Derushia, Transfer Credit Coordinator
Dana N. Dixie, Department Chair and Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy Assistant
Hilary Donahoe, Benefits and Leave Administrator
Beatriz Dries, Financial Aid Administrator
LaRae Ellis, Enrollment Processor II
Robert Ertel, Student Accountant I
Ethan Evans, Senior Director of University Partnerships and Community Engagement
Heather Fairbanks, Registrar Lead
Carey Falkowski, Senior Director of HRIS
Kaitlyn Fife, LMS Administrator
William Fulmer, Registrar II
Susan Funderlich, Enrollment Processor II
Ilaria Gadalla, Dean, College of Health Professional
Suzanne Gamble, Instructional Designer
Mercedes Garcia, Financial Aid Processor II
Brian Gardner, Senior Staff Accountant
Tomilee Gault, Student Accountant Senior
Mary Gaynor, Director of Repayment Strategy
Lori Geurink, Admissions Trainer
Courtney Gilchrist, Enrollment Processor II
Teva Glueck, Transfer Credit Coordinator
Larsu Gold, Student Accounting Processor
Brittney Golka, Financial Aid Processor Senior Manager
T. Renee Griner, Business Office Manager
Samuel Groves, Director of Accounting
Teri Haight, Transfer Credit Coordinator
Lynne Haines, Vice Chancellor for Human Resources
Stephanie Hargrave, Director of Institutional and Programmatic Accreditation
Jordan Harter, Enrollment Processor Lead
James Henry, Media Designer
Sara Henshaw, Regional Registrar
Jenny Hodo, Senior Campus Liaison
Mary Hoffman, Transfer Credit Coordinator
Deana Hopper, Vice Chancellor for Student Financial Aid and Compliance
Michael Hospodar, Registrar Lead
Ricky Jessop, Financial Aid ProcessorIII
Lauren Jones, Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Nursing, Pre-Licensure Programs
Starsha Jordan, Senior Human Resources Coordinator
Amy Keeter, Veteran Affairs School Certifying Official
Coonima Kennedy, Enrollment Processor II
Elizabeth Kennedy, Registrar II
Michelle Krawczyk, Dean, College of Nursing and Public Health
Alisa Krouse, Vice Chancellor for Student Success and Administration
Jared Kubacki, Course Scheduler I
Jennifer Majkowski, HR Business Partner
Shameaka Marshall, Registrar II
Kimala McClendon, Regional Financial Aid Director
Rosario Mendez, Financial Aid Processor III
Ricardo Mendoza, Vice Chancellor for Admissions
Ashley Miles, Financial Aid Processor II
Lia Miller, Director of Federal Regulatory Affairs
John Mills, University Director of Facilities
Sophelia Moore, Financial Aid Administrator
Cheryl Morene, Financial Analyst / AP Sr
Nicole Moss, Financial Aid Processor II
Yevgeniy Motenko, Financial Aid Processor II
Jenna Murray, Regional Registrar
Jasmine Nelms, Registrar II
Josh Newton, Senior Director Reporting & Analysis
Denise Nielsen, Student Account Processor Supervisor
Jasmine Penebaker, Reporting Analyst I
Amelia Perez, Enrollment Processor II
Ryan Poole, Financial Aid Processor Senior Manager
Andrea Portillo, Registrar II
Sara Portoulas, Faculty Training and Development Specialist
Kristy Pritchard, Curriculum Content Operations Manager
Stephanie Putt, Military Benefits Coordinator
Katherine Ramos, Digital Content Analyst I
Gregory Reed, Controller
Tanner Rice, Student Accountant I
Connor Ridgeway, Talent Acquisition Specialist
Katie Schuster, Financial Analyst / AP Sr.
Norm Seto, Reporting & Analysis Director
Ebony Settles, University Director of Career Services & Alumni Relations
Meghan Shaner, Registrar II
Gilbert Singletary, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Andrea Spano, Academic Operations Manager
Nancy Speisser, Assistant Vice Chancellor for University Libraries
Brandie Szarmach, Reporting Analyst II
William Szarmach, Student Accounting Manager
Ronald Taylor, Director of Training
Claudette Thompson, Human Resources Director
Lisa Toboz, Transfer Credit Coordinator III
Valarie Trimarchi, Assistant to the Chancellor - Strategic Projects
Cory Tveten, Academic Operations Manager
Nartaka Walls, Clinical Manager, Health Professions
Nicole Walter, Director of Academic Operations
Ashley Weeks, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Admissions
Christopher Whisenant, Data Coordinator
Patrice Wilson, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Services
Christopher Winters, FP & A Analyst
Cassandra Wolfe, Financial Aid Processor II
Scott Woods, Financial Aid Processor II
Steven Yoho, Chancellor and CEO
Alicia Zamusio, Admissions Trainer

South University, Austin

Raquelle Akavan, Director of Clinical Education, Physician Assistant
Vina Asayas, Director of Outreach and Community Development
Robert Asher, Faculty, Undergraduate Nursing
Brianna Barksdale, Faculty, Physical Therapist Assistant
Evan Bettis, Faculty, Allied Health Science & Public Health
Amanda Bryson, Program Director, Physical Therapist Assistant
Allison Butcher, Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education, Physical Therapist Assistant
Kristina Collins, Financial Aid Advisor
Tawanna Cross, Admissions Representative
Cynthia Cruz, Clinical Coordinator, Undergraduate Nursing
Dustin Eshelman, Faculty, Undergraduate Nursing
Stanley Gary, Academic Counselor
Roxanne M. Garza, Director of Financial Aid
Michelle Harstad, Admissions Representative
Torie Henderson, Clinical Coordinator, Physician Assistant
Sylento Lewis, Campus Director & Dean of Academic Affairs and Operations
Austin Long, Admissions Representative
Sharronda Mack, Academic Counselor
William Magee, Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Nursing
Donna Marsh-Allen, Faculty, Undergraduate Nursing
Kelsey McDonald, Student Advisor, Physician Assistant
Odette Morgan, Receptionist
TarShell Neal, Financial Aid Advisor
David Norris, Senior Director of Admissions
Bridget Petrowsky, Faculty, PA Program & Admissions Director
Rebecca Pheister, Campus Liaison
Rafael Ruiz, Desktop Analyst
Monica Sowell, Program Director, Undergraduate Nursing
Robert Stanton, Program Director, General Education
Tyler Stevenson, Admissions Representative
Claire Stigler, Faculty, Physician Assistant
Leanne Stigler, Academic Success Coordinator
Ashley Tolle, Dean of Student Affairs
Vinh Trinh, Medical Director, Physician Assistant

South University, Columbia

Tamarah Belton, Admissions Representative
Carly Bergevin, Academic Counselor
Nedra Brown, Senior Director of Admissions
Van Carpenter, Library Director
Stacie Carter, Financial Aid Advisor
Ciara Cornelius, Admissions Representative
Vanessa DeBauche, Admissions Representative
Gabrielle Dennis, Financial Aid Advisor
Katherine DeWitt, Program Director, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Victoria Edwards, Program Director, Undergraduate Nursing
Shantall English, Campus Liaison
Walter A. Haversat, Military Benefits and Veteran Affairs Certifying Official
Carolyn Horner, Academic Success Coordinator
Shakeara Hudson, Admissions Representative
Amanda Hurd, Academic Fieldwork Coordinator, Occupation Therapy Accistant
DeHaven Kennedy, Academic Counselor
Shakir Lane, Admissions Representative
Thelma Lane, Receptionist
Dan Lawther, Faculty, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
David Leach, Clinical Coordinator
Christopher McRae, Director of Financial Aid
Mia Mitchell, Senior Admissions Representative
Daniel Mooney, Faculty, General Education
Rebecca Nates, Faculty, Undergraduate Nursing
Queasha Nelson, Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Nursing
Paula Ogburn, Faculty, Undergraduate Nursing
Camilla Patterson, Admissions Representative
Catherine Peace, Admissions Representative
Myasia Pope, Porter
Lois Prince, Admissions Representative
Nazarene Rice Black, Director of Career Services
Janice Rock, Academic Counselor
LaShanda Scott, Dean of Student Affairs
Marvin Scott, Desktop Analyst
Brittany Singletary, Faculty, Undergraduate Nursing
Timaia Singleton, Receptionist
Ann Stewart-Akers, Faculty, Allied Health Science & Public Health
J’Asia Thatch, Porter
Sandra L. Tucker, Faculty, Undergraduate Nursing
Ricky Vassor, Financial Aid Advisor
Deborah Warden, Faculty, Undergraduate Nursing
Judy Williams, Program Director, Physical Therapy Assistant
Audrey Wilson-Alston, Program Director, Occupational Therapy Assistant
Robert Wolff, Faculty, Allied Health Science & Public Health

South University, High Point

Sandra Barker, Director of Admissions/Campus Coordinator
Alexis Best-Rhodes, Program Director, Undergraduate Nursing
Cheryl Motte, Clinical Coordinator, Undergraduate Nursing Program
Christine Young, Administrative Assistant

South University, Montgomery

Faith Berryman, Program Director, Physical Therapist Assistant
Robert Berryman, Admissions Representative
Tonya Blair, Faculty, Undergraduate Nursing
Derek Brown, Admissions Representative
Linda A. Childers, Program Director, Undergraduate Nursing
Carrie J. Parr, Admissions Representative
Denise Davis, Receptionist
Vera Davis, Manager Clinical Operations, Undergraduate Nursing
Rayferl Dickinson, Porter
Allan Dunlap, Program Director, Allied Health Science & Public Health
William M. Eagerton, Jr., Senior Director of Admissions
Ashley Gilliand, Academic Counselor
Jerome Givens, Maintenance Technician
Lesa Griffith-Keith, Academic Success Center Coordinator
Andre C. Grimes, Admissions Representative
Amy C. Hall, Faculty, Physical Therapy Assistant
Marcus Harrell, Faculty, Physical Therapy Assistant
Justin Jackson, Director of Community Outreach and Development
Antwuan McGhee, Faculty, General Education
Angela Miller, Director of Financial Aid
Tresha Murray, Administrative Assitatnt, Nursing
Laurie Smith, Academic Counselor
Etoia Toles-Wilson, Financial Aid Advisor

South University, Orlando 

Christopher Dorelien, Director of Admissions
Molly Echevarria, Admissions Representative
Kate Huether, Faculty, Anesthesiologist Assistant
Joshua Kelly, Assistant Program Director, Anesthesiologist Assistant
Andre Kwa, Medical Director Anesthesiologist Assistant
Erica Mallory, Program Coordinator, Anesthesiologist Assistant
Amanda Mills, Program Director, Anesthesiologist Assistant
Mary Phillips, Administrative Assistant
Padget Tinny, Program Director, Undergraduate Nursing
Madison Young, Clinical Education Coordinator, Anesthesiologist Assistant

South University, Richmond

Kim Alford, Program Director, Occupational Therapy Assistant
Felicia Banks, Academic Counselor
Faye Barner, Faculty, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Brandon Bassham, Financial Aid Advisor
Whitney Berriman, Library Director
Aimee Brickner, Program Chair, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Matthew Browning, Admissions Representative
Christine Burke, Director of Financial Aid
Barbara Burnette, Senior Director of Admissions
Terri Clinger, Faculty, Undergraduate Nursing
Alexus Cooper, Desktop Analyst
Koren Cooper, Faculty, PA Program & Admissions Director, Physician Assistant
Jason C. Crittenden, Campus Director & Dean of Academic Affairs and Operations
Omid Eighani, Maintenance Technician
Michelle Giamartino-Smith, Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Nursing
Julia Lancaster, Faculty, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Sean Leary, Program Chair, General Education
Rosemary Lethbridge, Faculty, Physician Assistant
Crystal Mann, Faculty, Physician Assistant
Mirjana Markovich-Mitov, Faculty, General Education
Eileen P. Meagher, Administrative Assistant, Physician Assistant
Alyssa Mertins, Admissions Representative
Angie Morales, Porter
Gabriela Moulton, Admissions Representative
Kalay Naidoo, Faculty, Undergraduate Nursing
Jennifer O’Connell, Clinial Coordinator, Physician Assistant
Linda P. Peck, Program Director, Undergraduate Nursing
Destiny M. Quarles, Admissions Representative
Robert Quarles, Dean of Student Affairs
Tierra Roberts, Receptionist
Shannon Schellenberg, Program Director, Physician Assistant
Martha Selden, Co-Program Chair, Physical Therapy Assistant
Helen Shepard, Faculty, Allied Health Science & Public Health
Jessica Shrader, Faculty, Physical Therapist Assistant
Luke Stevens, Academic Counselor
Michele Stoll, Faculty, Occupational Therapy Assistant
Ashley Strickland, Clinical Coordinator, Undergraduate Nursing
Mina Tabibi, Faculty, Physician Assistant
Christina Y. Tuck, Admissions Representative
Katherine Tyson, Medical Director, Physician Assistant
Mallory Walsh, Faculty, Physician Assistant
Erik Walton, Academic Success Coordinator
LeKeisha Ward, Finance Aid Advisor

South University, Savannah

Adegoke O. Adeniji, Program Chair, Pharmacy
Christopher Adkins, Faculty, Pharmacy
Hitesh Agarwal, Faculty, Pharmacy
Erica Albright-Dorman, Financial Aid Advisor
Rachel Arrington, Academic Counselor
John Balser, Assistant Director of Clinical Education, Physician Assistant
Patrick Barry, Faculty, Pharmacy
Liza D. Bashambu, Director of Didactic Education, Physician Assistant
Philiseah Bell, Financial Aid Advisor
Christopher Brackett, Faculty, Pharmacy
Crystal Bridges, Admissions Representative
Cornelia Brown, Admissions Representative, Pharmacy
Jill G. Bugner, Faculty, Physical Therapist Assistant
Nickeshia Bullock, Senior Director of Admissions
Alexis Burkes, Academic Counselor
John J. Burns, III, Faculty, Physician Assistant
Karyn I. Cotta, Faculty, Pharmacy
Maha Coucha, Faculty, Pharmacy
Wei (Daniel) Deng, Institutional Effectiveness Coordinator, Pharmacy
Amber Dietrich, Faculty, Pharmacy
Hany Eissa, Program Chair, Medical Assisting
Shandra Ellis, Porter
Zachary Evans, Admissions Representative
Jonie Fawley, Assistant Program Director, Physician Assistant
James Fetterman, Assistant Dean for Experiential Education, Pharmacy
Victor Fishman, Clinical Training Coordinator, Pharmacy
Carrie Friend, Admissions Representative
Sheyenne Fullen, Academic Success Coordinator
Brooke Gilbert, Administrative Assistant, Pharmacy
Krystal Goodwin, Faculty, Physician Assistant
Sabrina Green, Porter
Daya Gupta, Faculty, Pharmacy
Rosanna Horton, Program Coordinator, Physician Assistant
Jaclyn Jordan, Director of Admissions, Pharmacy
Michelle Keating, Director of Career Services
John P. Kennedy, Faculty, Pharmacy
James “Mickey” King, Faculty, Physician Assistant
Marcy D. King, Assistant Director of Didactic Education, Physician Assistant
Laurie Larson, Campus Director & Dean of Academic Affairs and Operations
Sarah Lopez, Faculty, Pharmacy
Lilia Z. Macías-Moriarity, Faculty, Pharmacy
Robert McAllister, Financial Aid Advisor
Stephen McCall, Faculty, Pharmacy
Greg McKeever, Faculty, Pharmacy
Tracey R. Meade, Faculty, Pharmacy
Mackenzi Meier, Faculty, Pharmacy
Rhonda Miller, Director of Financial Aid
Tanet Myers, Campus Liaison
Victoria Nash, Program Director, Physical Therapist Assistant
Deanna Oliver, Program Director, Physician Assistant
David Ombengi, Department Chair, Pharmacy
Angelique M. Pereira, Faculty, Pharmacy
Patricia Piascik, Student Advisor, Physician Assistant
Gopalakrishna Pillai, Faculty, Pharmacy
Chelsea Pyles, Senior Admissions Representative
Rachel Ridley, Director of Admissions, Pharmacy
Catherine Rudder, Director of Community Outreach and Development
Raymond Rudolph, Medical Director, Physician Assistant
Candice Saturday, Receptionist
Jamaal Scott, Porter
Amy Scroggin, Assistant Program Director, Anesthesiologist Assistant
Julie Sehl, Registrar and Budget Manager, Pharmacy
John Sheffield, Assistant Program Director, Physician Assistant
Ajaykumar Singh, Assistant Dean of Admissions, Pharmacy
Marrisa Sloan, Admissions Representative
Andrew Ten Eick, Experiential Education Coordinator, Pharmacy
Kristine Tindol, Department Chair, Anesthesiologist Assistant
Patricia Tucker, Librarian
Kelsey Tulipane, Academic Counselor
France D. Turner, Clinical Education Coordinator, Anesthesiology Assistant
Meredith Walls, Administrative Assistant, Pharmacy
Kenric Ware, Faculty, Pharmacy
Anna Warren, Faculty, Anesthesiologist Assistant
Kurtis Watkins, Dean of Student Affairs
Catherine Whiddon, Administrative Assistant, Physician Assistant
Sarah Whitfield, Faculty, Anesthesiologist Assistant
Kline Whitley, Faculty, Pharmacy
Stacie Wong, Medical Director, Anesthesiologist Assistant
Akela Wright, Admissions Representative
Valerie Yaughn, Library Director
Scott Young, Admissions Representative

South University, Online Programs

Ross Abbott, Director of Admissions
Zasha Abella, Admissions Representative
Sean R. Abram, Program Director, Allied Health Science & Public Health
Maria Acri, Academic Counselor
George Adams, Admissions Representative
Sufia Ali, Academic Counselor
Kristen Allen, Admissions Representative
Larialmy Allen, Academic Counselor
Lareyne Alvarez, Academic Counselor
Elisa Anderson, Admissions Representative
Hannah Ansell, Academic Counselor
Patrick Arciniega, Admissions Representative
Valerie Arenth, Admissions Representative
Brent E. Arnold, Academic Counseling Manager
Ryan Ashley, Financial Aid Advisor
Hanna Baden, Admissions Representative
Deborah Basha, Admissions Representative
Christy Basilone, Admissions Representative
Aime Bateman, Admissions Representative
Junise Belizaire, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
David Bell, Admissions Representative
Steven Bell, Admissions Representative
Carolyn Bentley, Assistant Clinical Coordinator, Nursing
Jessica Bernardini, Admissions Representative
Andrea Black, Admissions Representative
Adam Blanks, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
Angela Blocker, Faculty, Medical Assisting
Robin Bolton, Faculty, Medical Assisting
Karen Boodhoo, Academic Counseling Manager
Leane Borden, Admissions Representative
Justin Borkowski, Admissions Representative
Shanna Bossler, Career Services Advisor
Stacey Bottone, Faculty, Medical Assisting
Heather Boyle, Financial Aid Advisor
Heather Bradley, Admissions Representative
Amy Bratcher, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
Ricky Bray,  Admissions Representative
Michael Brewer, Faculty, General Education
Felicia Bridgewater, Program Director, Business
Brenda Brinkerhoff, Admissions Representative
Brandy Brown, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
Eric Brown, Admissions Representative
Tanya Bruhn, Academic Counselor
Michelle Bucknam Newell, Admissions Representative
TaNesh Buckner, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
Eylie Buehler, Career Services Advisor
Eric Buglar, Admissions Representative
Catherine Bumsted, Academic Counselor
Holly Burrows, Admissions Representative
Kayla Burzio, Student Financial Services Manager
Hannah Butler, Admissions Representative
Natalie Butler, Academic Counselor
Christopher Cameron, Admissions Representative
Shanetta Cannon, Admissions Representative
Sharon Canonaco, Admissions Representative
Megan Carlin, Financial Aid Advisor
Christian Carrillo, Admissions Representative
Cherry Carter, Admissions Representative
Min Hi Cass, Admissions Representative
Christine Cecchini, Assistant Clinical Coordinator, Nursing
Katherine Chase, Academic Counselor
Miyesha Cheeks, Faculty, Graduate Nursing
DeAnna Chew, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
Daniel Clark, Director of Admissions
Debi Clark, Program Director, Graduate Nursing
Samuel Clarke, Financial Aid Advisor
Teresa Clarkson, Admissions Representative
Miniru Cole, Admissions Representative
Jamie Coleman, Admissions Representative
Terrence Copney, Admissions Representative
Skye Copus, Admissions Representative
Katherine Corcoran, Academic Counselor
Ralph Courtemanche, Senior Director of Financial Aid
Jenny Covington, Faculty, General Education
Toniea Crawford, Admissions Representative
Rebecca Cribbs, Admissions Representative
Tracey Crispell, Faculty, Medical Assisting
Michael Cruz, Admissions Representative
Daniel Culberson, Financial Aid Advisor
Mark Culp, Admissions Representative
William Cunningham, Admissions Representative
Michael Curran, Full-time Instructional Faculty, General Education
Jennifer Curtis, Clinical Manager, Medical Assisting
Rachelle Daigle, Financial Aid Advisor
Jacqueline Davis, Admissions Representative
Kathryn Davis, Faculty, General Education
Susan Davis, Admissions Representative
Roderick Days, Financial Aid Advisor
Cassandra Dehaney-Duffus, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
Marc Del Frate, Admissions Representative
Claudio DeLaParra, Financial Aid Advisor
Joseph DeLaura, Admissions Representative
Carine Despinos, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
Paula Devore, Faculty, Medical Assisting
Amarilys Diaz, Faculty, Nursing
Laura Diggle, Faculty, Medical Assisting
David DiMichele, Admissions Representative
Joseph Dinkins, Admissions Representative
Marco DiNunno, Admissions Representative
Adam Dominick, Director of Nursing Academic Operations
Amber Dreger, Admissions Representative
Danielle Dubyak, Admissions Representative
Avery Dukes, Director of Admissions
Allison Dunn, Senior Admissions Representative
Courtney Dunne, Admissions Representative
Kijan Edwards, Admissions Representative
Robin Elsner, Admissions Representative
Clausette Emmanuel, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
Heather Essel, Admissions Representative
Autumn Eugene, Faculty, General Education
Brain Evangelista, Admissions Representative
Karrie Evans, Adissions Representative
Bonnie Evatt, Admissions Representative
Alexis Fabich, Faculty, General Education
Nicolas Famiglietti, Admissions Representative
William Faust, Dean of Student Affairs
Kimberly Feder, Financial Aid Advisor
Jennifer Ferraro, Faculty, General Education
Gerald Ferrell, Director of Admissions
Gisella Figueroa, Admissions Representative
Anna Fiorello, Admissions Representative
Sheila Flanagan, Faculty, General Education
Leah Folz, Admissions Representative
Christine Fowler, Admissions Representative
Tom Fox, Faculty, General Education
Marie-Carole France, Faculty, Undergraduate Nursing
Robert Frederick, Financial Aid Advisor
Charity Frischknecht, Academic Counselor
Chevita Fuller, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
Kiera Fuller, Academic Counselor
Christine Galli, Senior Clinical Director, Nursing
Linh Galyon, Admissions Representative
Nancy Galyon, Faculty, Graduate Nursing
Brian Gannon, Academic Counselor
Erin Garasic, Admissions Representative
Linda Garay, Financial Aid Advisor
Christal Garcia, Senior Admissions Representative
Jeremey Garnett, Admissions Representative
Laurie Gates, Faculty, General Education
Matt Gavlik, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Success and Online Administration
Daniel Gerz, Admissions Representative
Nicholas Giacone, Admissions Representative
Lisa M. Giallonardo, Director of Admissions
Morgan Gilbert, Financial Aid Advisor
Thomas Gillespie, Program Director, Information Systems and Technology
Alyssa Gilston, Program Director, Psychology
Lauren Godwin, Director of Academic and Clinical Compliance
Verlisha Goins, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
Alyssa Gold, Admissions Representative
Michelle Goldsmith, Admissions Representative
Andrea Goldstein, Faculty, General Education
Erin Good, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
Linda Gordon, Admissions Representative
Kim Grabenhorst, Faculty, General Education
Tara Greene, Admissions Representative
Marly Greer, Admissions Representative
Jill-Marie Gwilliam, Academic Counselor
Magued Habib, Department Chair, Allied Health Science & Public Health
Torie Haley, Financial Aid Advisor
Tanisha Hall, Admissions Representative
Cynthia Hamm, Faculty, General Education
Gary Hanney, Program Director, Healthcare Management and Administration
Steven Harker, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
Hanisha Harris, Admissions Representative
Rebecca Harrison, Admissions Representative
Monica Hartman, Financial Aid Advisor
Charles Hartz, Admissions Representative
Christopher Hathy, Admissions Representative
Misty Heitman, Career Services Advisor
Jesse Helms, Academic Counselor
Lori Henderson, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
Shannon Henderson, Admissions Representative
Matthew Hendricks, Financial Aid Advisor
Matthew Hetzler, Admissions Representative
Talia Hickman, Assistant Clinical Coordinator, Medical Assisting
Alisha Hicks, Faculty, Medical Assisting
Christine Higgins, Admissions Representative
Marlesha Higginson, Admissions Representative
Myrna Hodges, Admissions Representative
Rachel Hoffstetter, Financial Aid Advisor
Patrick Hogan, Academic Counselor
Jennifer Hoilman, Department Chair, Undergraduate Nursing
Jenifer Hostovich, Admissions Representative
Denise Howard, Faculty, Graduate Nursing
Donna Howard, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
Miranda Howard, Financial Aid Advisor
Julie Hryniowiecki, Admissions Representative
Gina Hudec, Admissions Representative
Lula Hudson-Williams, Assistant Clinical Coordinator, Nursing
Jennifer Hughes, Admissions Representative
Sybil Hunter, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
Lisa Hurley, Admissions Representative
Nancy Hurlock, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
DeShawn Jackson, Financial Aid Advisor
Erica Jackson, Admissions Representative
Malcolm Jacobs, Admissions Representative
Stacy Jenkins-Robinson, Academic Counselor
Cherri Jennewein, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
Mariah Johnson, Admissions Representative
Sarah Johnson, Admissions Representative
Sharanna Johnson, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
Terrance Johnson, Financial Aid Advisor
Jena Jolissaint, Program Director, General Education
April Jones, Financial Aid Advisor
Eric Jones, Student Financial Services Manager
Felicia Jones, Admissions Representative
Jocelyn Jones, Admissions Representative
Michael Jones, Faculty, Information Technology
Sandra Jones, Program Director, Graduate Nursing      
Heather Joseph, Admissions Representative
Jennifer Juneau, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
Angela Kalin, Admissions Representative
William Kannel, Assistant Clinical Coordinator, Nursing
Peter Karas, Director of Admissions
Myka Kawabata, Admissions Representative
Julia Kelley, Admissions Representative
Barbara Kelminsky, Academic Counselor
Justin Kelsey, Academic Counseling Manager
Jenny Kennedy, Admissions Representative
Carly Kleinman, Admissions Representative
Kathryn Kleypas, Faculty, General Education
Alexandra Klobusnik, Academic Counselor
Kansas Klock, Admissions Representative
Thomas Klug, Admissions Representative
Elizabeth Kostal, Faculty, Allied Health Science & Public Health
Janice Kraus, Admissions Representative
Damian Kravets, Faculty, Information Technology
Kiri Krieger-James, Academic Counselor
Gary Landefeld, Academic Counselor
Amanda Landez, Admissions Representative
Ruth Lane, Program Director, General Education
Napoleon Lattimore, Admissions Representative
Melinda Lauderbaugh, Inquiry Specialist
Annett LeClaire, Admissions Respresentative
Noelle Leveque, Faculty, Graduate Nursing
Rebecca Levy, Assistant Clinical Coordinator, Nursing
Todd Linville, Director of Admissions
Charmaine London Williams, Academic Counselor
Austin Long, Career Services Advisor
Robbie Long, Academic Counseling Supervisor
Joan Louis Pierre, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
Jordan Lucas, Admissions Representative
Kelly Lucore, Faculty, General Education
Jenna Luka-Kapello, Financial Aid Advisor
Shannon Lyons, Financial Aid Advisor
Jeffrey Maceiko, Admissions Representative
Mauvette Malizia, Career Services Advisor
Kim Mamajek, Admissions Representative
Matthew Martin, Director of Admissions
Christina Martinez, Admissions Representative
Jessica Masoner, Interim Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Department Chair and Assistant Professor, General Education
Dana Mastropietro, Academic Counselor
Bonia Masyga, Admissions Representative
Jamie Mathews, Director of Admissions
Anthony Matias, Program Director, Business Administration
Lavier Matos, Admissions Representative
Mandy Mayweather, Admissions Representative
Rosalind Mazzitelli, Admissions Representative
Amber McCall, Faculty, Graduate Nursing
Tamara McCall, Academic Counselor
Briana Mcclain, Financial Aid Advisor
Scott E. McClelland, Program Chair, Ministry
Candace McDonough, Admissions Representative
James Mcglothin, Academic Counselor
Karen McKittrick, Academic Counselor
Lynda McNair, Admissions Representative
Eric Medsger, Financial Aid Advisor
Jeremy Melick, Admissions Representative
Lisa Menchion, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
Megan Mendez, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
Ana Meryhew, Inquiry Specialist
Roberta Mike, Admissions Representative
Ashley Miller, Admissions Representative
Michela Mims, Admissions Representative
Taunya Monroe Finley, Admissions Representative
Cynthia Mooney, Director of Admissions
James Morris, Desktop Analyst
Ann Morton, Admissions Representative
Dion Mosley, Admissions Representative
Gayle Moyer, Admissions Representative
Kayla Mulvihill, Director of Admissions
Donna Nalley, Program Director, General Education
Matthew Nelson, Admissions Representative
Rebecca Nelson, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
Vanessa Nelson, Director of Admissions
Michele Neuner, Admissions Representative
Craig Newman, Admissions Representative
Regina Nickelson, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
Rachelle Nickens, Academic Counselor
Leslie Nurse, Admissions Representative
Oraib Obeidat, Faculty, General Education
Charles Olsen, Admissions Representative
Ebony Olton, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
Mourad Oulid-Aissa, Department Chair, Information Systems and Technology
Gregory Owens, Senior Director of Student Success
Renee Owens, Faculty, General Education
Louis Palombo, Admissions Representative
John Parham, Program Director, Business Administration
Kanesha Parker, Admissions Representative
Joseph Pastorius, Financial Aid Advisor
Carla Paylo, Financial Aid Advisor
Brittany Percival, Academic Counselor
Jaime Perez, Financial Aid Advisor
David Perry, Admissions Representative
Cameron Petty, Academic Counselor
Urmene Pierre, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
Ashley Pike, Admissions Reprentative
Harold Porter, Admissions Representative
Joel Powell, Admissions Representative
Christopher Pratt, Department Chair, Business Administration
Ossie Purvis, Faculty, Criminal Justice
Kindra Quarnberg, Academic Counselor
Doris Rachles, Department Chair, Legal Studies
Michael Raiden, Admissions Representative
Valerie Ramirez, Admissions Representative
Sibel Rasim, Admissions Representative
Zachary Ray, Academic Counselor
Erin Remensnyder, Admissions Representative
Andrea Reo, Academic Counselor
Cherial Revell, Director of Curriculum and Academic Success, Nursing
Sandra Rich, Paralegal, Nursing
Adam Richardson, Program Director, Graduate Nursing
Roxane Richardson, Admissions Representative
Lisa Riley, Admissions Representative
Cleopatra Roberson, Admissions Representative
Lori Robert, Academic Counselor
Jamar Robinson, Financial Aid Advisor
Laura Rodriguez-Kitkowski, Program Chair, Psychology
Erin Roediger, Academic Counselor
Jennifer Rodgers, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
Monic Rogers-Reed, Admissions Representative
Jocelyn Rojas, Admissions Representative
Lori Ronan-Khessali, Department Chair, Criminal Justice
Brannon Rosebush, Admissions Representative
Alexa Ross, Financial Aid Advisor
Rebecca Rosswog, Director of Career Services
Jennifer A. Rothwell, Admissions Specialist
Samantha Sabatel, Academic Counselor
Deborah M. Samay, Paralegal, Nursing
Amanda Samuelson, Student Financial Services Manager
Amelia Sargent, Admissions Representative
Melissa Schmalzried, Admissions Representative
Margaret Schmidt, Program Director, Medical Assisting
Nancy Schmidt, Assistant Clinical Coordinator, Medical Assisting
Gennifer Schultz, Admissions Representative
Kayla Schupp, Admissions Representative
Barbara Schwab, Admissions Representative
Allison Scott, Faculty, Allied Health Science & Public Health
Laura Scott, Admissions Representative
Cyril Scruggs, Financial Aid Advisor
Cathy Shaw, Assistant Clinical Coordinator, Medical Assisting
Angela Shelton, Senior Admissions Representative
Kris Shelton, Faculty, General Education
Matthew Shusko, Financial Aid Advisor
Sharon Sibley, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
Todd Simon, Admissions Representative
Allanah Simpson, Financial Aid Advisor
Cari Simpson, Faculty Graduate Nursing
Sheryl Singleton, Faculty, Graduate Nursing
Jennifer Skeoch, Admissions Representative
Wayne Slavit, Admissions Representative
Daljit Smalley, Admissions Representative
Delaina M. Smith, Director of Admissions
Tammy Smith, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
Ryan Sommer, Admissions Representative
Lisa Sovak-Bradford, Admissions Representative
Christopher Speranza, Admissions Representative
Darlene Sperlazza-Anthony, Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Nursing
Sharon Spiller, Financial Aid Advisor
Meghan Sprague, Academic Counselor
Bridgett Springer, Admissions Representative
Arkil Starke, Dean for Online Learning and Innovation
Sheryl Steele, Admissions Representative
Erin Stephansky, Admissions Representative
Kirk Stephens, Admissions Representative
Kellie Stockton, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
Luke Strejcek, Financial Aid Advisor
Frederick Stroud, Admissions Representative
Todd Stufflebeam, Financial Aid Advisor
Brian Summy, Academic Counselor
Brett Tadlock, Senior Admissions Representative
Michael Tall, Admissions Representative
Devon Talley, Financial Aid Advisor
Asinate Tauteoli, Financial Aid Advisor
Ashly Thomas, Assistant Clinical Coordinator, Nursing
Lakesha Thompson, Admissions Representative
Serene Tobin, Admissions Representative
Shaunetra Toler, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
Penny Trevino, Director of Admissions
Jessica Truscott, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
Sonya Tucker-Evans, Admissions Representative
Theresa Turk, Faculty, General Education
Chanteria Turner, Administrative Assistant, Nursing
John Vassallo, Academic Counselor
Arizona Vaughn, Admissions Representative
Alexa Veenendaal, Financial Aid Advisor
Michelle Vent, Career Services Advisor
Tammy Vernacchio, Admissions Representative
Michael Vernillo, Admissions Representative
Beth Veronis, Financial Aid Advisor
Michael Verostek, Director of Admissions
Aryonna Walker, Admissions Representative
Sarah Volk, Admissions Representative
Melanie Wagner, Admissions Representative
Aryonna Walker, Admissions Representative
Michelle Wendt, Admissions Representative
Christin West, Financial Aid Advisor
Christina West, Academic Counselor
Brent Whigham, Student Financial Services Manager
Sharon White, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
TaWanda White, Admissions Representative
Erin Whittington, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
Taneka Wilborn, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
Nicole Wilcox, Financial Aid Advisor
Kimberly Willhoite, Clinical Site Visitor, Nursing
Camijja Williams, Admissions Representative
Deborah Williams, Admissions Representative
Suzanne Williams, Admissions Representative
J’Nai Willingham, Faculty, General Studies
Lisa Wilson, Assistant Clinical Coordinator, Nursing  
Terri P. Worthey, Faculty, Undergaduate Nursing
Nicole Yatison, Admissions Representative
Nicolette Yeomans, Academic Counselor
Dominique Youngblood, Admissions Representative
Mayra Yrizarry, Assistant Clinical Coordinator, Nursing
Lauren Zsolcsak, Admissions Representative

South University, Tampa

Christie Addison, Director of Financial Aid
Maria Balderas, Faculty, Occupational Therapy Assistant
Mary Bilitski, Faculty, Undergraduate Nursing
Kaitlyn Blizzard, Student Advisor, Physician Assistant
Desiree Bonnett, Regional Program Director, Graduate Nursing
Diane Brawner, Program Director, Physical Therapist Assistant
Diane B. Butler, Director of Didactic Education, Physician Assistant
Ciara Calitri, Clinical Education Director, Physician Assistant
Elliot Cazes, Medical Director, Physician Assistant
Stephanie Champion, Academic Counselor
Sherissa Chang-Williams, Faculty, Physician Assitant
Max Charelus, Desktop Analyst
Steven Combs, Faculty, Undergraduate Nursing
Kerry Conboy, Director of Community Outreach and Development
Lynette Correa, Academic Counselor
Blaise Covelli, Senior Director of Admissions
Enoree’ Cummings, Finance Aid Advisor
Samuel Deaton, Admissions Representative
Katherine Drake, Library Director
Arlene Edwards, Admissions Representative
Shanik Epps, Financial Aid Advisor
Melanie Flaherty, Admissions Representative
Alissa Fox, Administrative Assistant, Physician Assistant
Alan E. Green, Faculty, General Education
Kristyl Green, Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Nursing
Rachel Hangen, Faculty, Physical Therapist Assistant
Jodie Hanrahan, Faculty, Occupational Therapy Assistant
L. LaBree Hans, Faculty, Physician Assistant
Patricia Trnka-Stone, Faculty, Undergraduate Nursing
Lauren Lieb, Faculty, Physician Assistant
Rachael McGriff, Academic Counselor
Bradley D. Mierau, Program Director, General Education
Janel Monterrosa, Admissions Representative
Perpetual Murray, Academic Success Coordinator
Pedro Ngoenha, Admissions Representative
Thuy Nguyen, Clinical Coordinator, Physician Assistant
Carlos Olivo, Admissions Representative
Nicole Ovsianik, Admissions Representative
Jennifer Pantaleo, Assistant Program Director, Physician Assistant
Travis Reeves, Faculty, Physician Assistant
Michelina Richardson Baker, Faculty, Allied Health Science & Public Health
Leticia Sheppard, Receptionist
Vida Simonaitis, Faculty, General Education
Llotricia Stephens, Financial Aid Advisor
Yvonne Suescun, Faculty, Allied Health Science & Public Health
Ryan Wadas, Faculty, Physical Therapy
Melissa Wallace, Program Director, Undergraduate Nursing
Melinda Waller, Director of Career Services
Karen Wilcox, Program Director, Physician Assistant
Daphne Williams, Faculty, Undergraduate Nursing
Jennifer Wright, Faculty, Physical Therapist Assistant 

South University, Virginia Beach

Tyler Balak, Faculty, Allied Health Science
Tauqir Bibi, Program Director, General Education
Marjorie Bomhower, Faculty, General Education
Linda Brown, Faculty, Undergraduate Nursing
John Duckwall, Desktop Analyst
Susan Dye, Program Director, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Laconda Fanning, Clinical Coordinator, Counseling
Lori Garone, Program Director, Physical Therapist Assistant
Anthony Green, Admissions Representative
Juliette Gretzler, Faculty, Undergraduate Nursing
John H. Hall, Jr., Admissions Representative
David Hogan, Senior Director of Admissions
Linda Isaac, Director of Community Outreach and Development
Megan L. Keup, Receptionist
Christine Kraft, Program Director, Occupational Therapy Assistant
Jacinta McLeod, Finance Aid Advisor
German S. Mendez, Academic Counselor
Tylee Morgan, Porter
Deanna Mulvihill, Program Director, Undergraduate Nursing
Janice Pfeiffer, Admissions Representative
James Powell, Maintenance Technician
Lanita Powell, Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education, Physical Therapy Assistant
Sarah Shiplet, Academic Counselor
Cyrus Shokraii, Admissions Representative
Kilee Stepper, Admissions Representative
Jamie Stokes, Director of Financial Aid
James Tallmadge, Dean of Student Affairs
Narissara L. Tran, Clinical Coordinator, Undergraduate Nursing
Julie Vogel, Faculty, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Valerie Yates, Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Nursing

South University, West Palm Beach

Reinaldo Amor, Faculty, Allied Health Science & Public Health
Priscilla Baer, Faculty, Undergraduate Nursing
Leon Beaulieu, Faculty, Anesthesiologist Assistant
Maxime Benlulu, Faculty, Physician Assistant
Evens Berrette, Admissions Representative
Jeffrey Bishop, Medical Director, Physician Assistant
Louna Briseus, Receptionist
Sonia Brown, Faculty, Undergraduate Nursing
Carmen Buoni-Delosrios, Admissions Representative
Julia Canipe, Program Director, Undergraduate Nursing
Kimberly Dawkins, Clinical Education Director, Physician Assistant
Zachary Dery, Financial Aid Advisor
Lysa Diggins, Director of Didactic Education, Physician Assistant
Reynold Duclas, Medical Director, Anesthesiology Assistant
Claudine Ellis, Clinical Coordinator, Physician Assistant
Richard Elorme, Admissions Representative
Marie Forges, Administrative Assistant, Nursing
Harrieth Gabone, Faculty, Undergraduate Nursing
Tammy Gaines, Faculty, Physician Assistant
Bridget Glass, Program Director, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Susan Hamley, Clinical Coordinator, Undergraduate Nursing
Kristine Hanks, Faculty, Physical Therapist Assistant
Steven Heinitz, Director of Career Services
Sharon Jackson, Desktop Analyst
Lawrence Jaffe, Program Director, Physical Therapist Assistant
Monique Jaquith, Faculty, Physician Assistant
Gabrielle Jean-Philippe, Admissions Representative
Marie Jeune, Admissions Representative
Caroline Kamel, Faculty, Physician Assistant
Anna Kats, Faculty, Allied Health Science & Public Health
Mike Keith, Senior Director of Admissions
Conrad Kieliszek, Assistant Program Director, Anesthesiologist Assistant
Erika Landa, Director of Financial Aid
Rebekah Lewis, Academic Success Coordinator
Nikki Mack-Casimir, Financial Aid Advisor
Rebecca Magwood, Faculty, Physician Assistant
Cindy Manjounes, Campus Director & Dean of Academic Affairs and Operations
Ryan Marr, Clinical Coordinator, Anesthesiologist Assistant
Cleveland A. Marriott, Faculty, General Education
Jan McCaleb, Didactic Education Assistant Director, Physician Assistant
Mary McMullen, Faculty, Undergraduate Nursing
Michael Mingione, Program Director, Anesthesiologist Assistant
Etla Mitchell, Admissions Representative
Sondra Nantes, Faculty, Physician Assistant
Davida Newman, Academic Counselor
Emily Perez, Academic Counselor
Claire Pierre, Campus Liaison
Sharon Ramjohn, Faculty, Undergraduate Nursing
Lynn Rey-Beach, Financial Aid Advisor
Maria-Lorena Santos, Dean of Student Affairs
Kristen Smethurst, Program Director, Physician Assistant
Mellonni Smith, Program Director, General Education
Caitlin Spaulding, Clinical Education Assistant Director, Physician Assistant
Lacey Tudor, Department Chair, Physician Assistant
Richard Wayne, Medical Director, Anesthesiology Assistant
Mallorie Williams, Student Advisor, Physician Assistant
Sheryl Williams, Administrative Assistant, Physician Assistant
Annamarie Wilson, Administrative Assistant, Physician Assistant