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2022-2023 South University Academic Catalog Version II 
2022-2023 South University Academic Catalog Version II

For Further Information - Contact List

South University Locations

South University, Austin

South University, Austin
1220 W. Louis Henna Blvd.
Round Rock, TX 78681
Phone: 512-516-8800

Dean of Academic Affairs & Retention, Sylento Lewis, slewis@southuniversity.edu, 512-516-8800
Senior Director of Admissions, Nickeshia Bullock, nbullock@southuniversity.edu, 512-516-8800
Director of Financial Aid, Roxanne M. Garza, rgarza@southuniversity.edu, 512-516-8800
Finance Counselor, Kristina Collins, kcollins@southuniversity.edu, 512-516-8800
Finance Counselor, Rhonda Miller, rmiller@southuniversity.edu, 512-516-8800

South University, Columbia

South University, Columbia
9 Science Court
Columbia, SC 29203
Phone: 803-799-9082

Dean of Academic Affairs & Retention, Virginia McMath, vmcmath@southuniversity.edu, 803-799-9082
Dean of Student Affairs, LaShanda Scott, lscott@southuniversity.edu, 803-799-9082
Senior Director of Admissions, Nedra Brown, nebrown@southuniversity.edu, 803-799-9082
Finance Counselor, Gabrielle Dennis, gdennis@southuniversity.edu, 803-799-9082
Finance Counselor, Christopher McRae, cmcrae@southuniversity.edu, 803-799-9082
Finance Counselor, Ricky Vassor, rvassor@southuniversity.edu, 803-799-9082

South University, High Point 

South University, High Point 
3975 Premier Drive
High Point, NC 27265
Phone: 336-812-7200

Director of Admissions/Campus Coordinator, Sandra Barker, sbarker@southuniversity.edu, 336-812-7200
Finance Counselor, Beatriz Dries, bdries@southuniversity.edu, 336-812-7200
Program Director, Undergraduate Nursing, Jeffrey Tabor, jtabor@southuniversity.edu, 336-812-7200

South University, Montgomery

South University, Montgomery
5355 Vaughn Road
Montgomery, AL 36116-1120
Phone: 334-395-8800

Dean of Academic Affairs & Retention, Kandis Steele, ksteele@southuniversity.edu, 334-395-8800
Dean of Student Affairs, Vance Charles, vbcharles@southuniversity.edu, 334-395-8800
Senior Director of Admissions, William M. Eagerton, Jr., keagerton@southuniversity.edu,334-395-8800
Finance Counselor, Jasmine Longmire, jlongmire@southuniversity.edu, 334-395-8800
Finance Counselor, Angela Miller, amiller@southuniversity.edu, 334-395-8800

South University, Online Programs

South University, Online Programs
709 Mall Boulevard
Savannah, GA 31406-4805
Toll-Free: 888-444-3404

Online students should file complaints with SUOStudentAffairs@southuniversity.edu

Dean of Academic Affairs & Retention, Arkil Starke, astarke@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Senior Director of Student Services, Ralph Courtemanche, rcourtemanche@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Senior Director of Student Success, Greg Owens, ggowens@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Services Manager, Brent Arnold, brarnold@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Services Manager, Kayla Burzio, kburzio@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Services Manager, Adam Dominick, adominick@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Services Manager, Robbie Long, rolong@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Services Manager, Brent Whigham, bdwhigham@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Success Counselor, Karen Boodhoo, kboodhoo@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Success Counselor, Heather Boyle, hlboyle@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Finance Counselor, Ryan Clark, rtclark@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Finance Counselor, Samuel Clarke, sclarke@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Success Counselor, Patricia Cox, pacox@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Finance Counselor, Brian Eisenreich, beisenreich@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Success Counselor, Robert Frederick, rfrederick@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Success Counselor, Brian Gannon, bmgannon@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Success Counselor, Linda Garay, lagaray@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Finance Counselor, Torie Haley, thaley@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Finance Counselor, Brandon Hamm, bhamm@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Success Counselor, Barbara Kelminsky, bkelminsky@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Success Counselor, Gary Landefeld, glandefeld@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Success Counselor, Jennifer Lee-hooper, jlee-hooper@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Finance Counselor, Catrina Lineburg, clineburg@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Success Counselor, Jenna Luka-Kapello, jluka-kapello@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Success Counselor, Megan Lynch, melynch@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Finance Counselor, Shannon Lyons, slyons@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Success Counselor, Briana Mcclain, bmcclain@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Success Counselor, James Mcglothin, jamcglothin@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Success Counselor, Eric Medsger, emedsger@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Finance Counselor, Brandon Parker, blparker@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Success Counselor, Joseph Pastorius, jpastorius@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Success Counselor, Kindra Quarnberg, kquarnberg@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Success Counselor, Martha Rainville, mrainville@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Success Counselor, Jamar Robinson, jarobinson@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Success Counselor, Lori Roberts, lroberts@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Success Counselor, Robert Rucker, rrucker@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Success Counselor, Amanda Samuelson, asamuelson@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Success Counselor, Matthew Shusko, mshusko@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Finance Counselor, Jonathan Skonezny, joskonezny@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Finance Counselor, Michelle Smith-Archibald, msmith-archibald@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Success Counselor, Luke Strejcek, lstrejcek@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Finance Counselor, Todd Stufflebeam, tstufflebeam@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Finance Counselor, Lanaya Swinton, lswinton@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Finance Counselor, Devon Talley, detalley@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Finance Counselor, Beth Veronis, bveronis@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404
Student Success Counselor, Christina West, chwest@southuniversity.edu, 888-444-3404 

South University, Richmond

South University, Richmond
2151 Old Brick Road
Glen Allen, VA 23060
Phone: 804-727-6800

Dean of Academic Affairs & Retention, Jason Crittenden, jcrittenden@southuniversity.edu, 804-727-6800
Dean of Student Affairs, Robert Quarles, rquarles@southuniversity.edu, 804-727-6800
Senior Director of Admissions, Barbara Burnette, bburnette@southuniversity.edu, 804-727-6800
Director of Financial Aid, Christine Burke, cburke@southuniversity.edu, 804-727-6800
Finance Counselor, Alyssa Mertins, amertins@southuniversity.edu, 804-727-6800
Finance Counselor, Lekeisha Ward, lward@southuniversity.edu, 804-727-6800

South University, Savannah

South University, Savannah
709 Mall Boulevard
Savannah, GA 31406-4805
Phone: 912-201-8000

Dean of Academic Affairs & Retention, Laurie Larson, llarson@southuniversity.edu, 912-201-8000
Senior Director of Admissions, Alan Brown, abbrown@southuniversity.edu, 912-201-8000
Director of Financial Aid, Jennifer Bergmeier, jbergmeier@southuniversity.edu, 912-201-8000
Finance Counselor, Erica Albright-Dorman, ealbright-dorman@southuniversity.edu, 912-201-8000
Finance Counselor, Miranda Howard, mhoward@southuniversity.edu, 912-201-8000
Finance Counselor, Robert McAlister, rmcalister@southuniversity.edu, 912-201-8000
Finance Counselor, Marissa Mixon, mmixon@southuniversity.edu, 912-201-8000

South University, Tampa

South University, Tampa
4401 North Himes Avenue, Suite 175
Tampa, FL 33614-7095
Phone: 813-393-3800

Dean of Academic Affairs & Retention, James Cox, jcox@southuniversity.edu, 813-393-3800
Senior Director of Admissions, Blaise Covelli, bcovelli@southuniversity.edu, 813-393-3800
Director of Financial Aid, Christie Addison, caddison@southuniversity.edu, 813-393-3800
Finance Counselor, Enoree Cummings, efcummings@southuniversity.edu, 813-393-3800
Finance Counselor, Ulonda Hughey, uhughey@southuniversity.edu, 813-393-3800
Finance Counselor, Llotricia Stephens, lstephens@southuniversity.edu, 813-393-3800

South University, Orlando 

South University, Orlando 
5900 Lake Ellenor Drive, Suite 150
Orlando, FL 32809
Phone: 407-393-3100

All inquiries for South University, Orlando should be directed to the appropriate staff at South University, Tampa; listed above.

South University, Virginia Beach

South University, Virginia Beach
301 Bendix Road, Suite 100
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
Phone: 757-493-6900

Dean of Academic Affairs & Retention, Ossie Purvis, opurvis@southuniversity.edu, 757-493-6900
Dean of Student Affairs, James Tallmadge, jtallmadge@southuniversity.edu, 757-493-6900
Director of Financial Aid, Jamie Stokes, jstokes@southuniversity.edu, 757-493-6900
Finance Counselor, Jacinta McLeod, mcleod@southuniversity.edu, 757-493-6900

South University, West Palm Beach

South University, West Palm Beach
University Centre
9801 Belvedere Road
Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411
Phone: 561-273-6500

Dean of Academic Affairs & Retention, Cindy Manjounes, cmanjounes@southuniversity.edu, 561-273-6500
Dean of Student Affairs, Maria Santos, msantos@southuniversity.edu, 561-273-6500
Senior Director of Admissions, Michael Keith, mkeith@southuniversity.edu, 561-273-6500
Director of Financial Aid, Erika Landa, elanda@southuniversity.edu, 561-273-6500
Finance Counselor, Zachery Dery, zdery@southuniversity.edu, 561-273-6500
Finance Counselor, Nikki Mack-Casimir, nmack-casimir@southuniversity.edu, 561-273-6500