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2021-2022 South University Academic Catalog Version I 
2021-2022 South University Academic Catalog Version I [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

South University, Online Programs

In 2004, South University's Savannah campus launched online bachelor's degree programs in Information Technology and Business Administration. Designed to deliver the same quality instruction and personalized attention students enjoy on campus, these online programs enable students who do not live near a South University campus-or those who might not be able to attend classes at a set time and place-to pursue an academic degree through South University.

In 2005 South University added Bachelor of Science degree programs in Healthcare Management, Nursing, and Criminal Justice. More recently, the University added a Master of Business Administration (MBA), along with the MBA in Healthcare Administration, Master of Science in Nursing, and Master of Science in Criminal Justice.   In 2013 South University added the Master of Public Health degree.  The Bachelor of Science in Public Health degree was added in 2016.

South University strives to provide an excellent educational environment for students to explore the academic foundations that can lead to the pursuit of professional aspirations. Online programs at South University are an extension of South University's commitment to providing educational opportunities for the intellectual, social and professional development of a diverse student population.

Programs offered in the online modality from South University utilize an interactive learning method in which the educational experience becomes the shared responsibility of students in the classroom, and faculty members serve as facilitators of learning. Online students participate in an enriched learning experience that includes classroom lectures, discussions, demonstrations, field trips and guest speaker contributions, while enjoying the convenience of flexible, 24-hour access to the online classroom and course materials.

Online course lectures appear in written format and consist of an introduction to activities as well as explanations of textbook reading assignments. Lectures are intended to be catalysts for ongoing class discussions, and the faculty members facilitate discussion by providing additional insight to course subjects by joining and leading topic dialogues. Discussion boards allow for several topics to be addressed at once; therefore, many different sides of a topic can be examined for greater understanding. The faculty member guides discussions to ensure that students proceed toward an ultimate understanding of the subject matter.

The online library provides scholarly resources and information services to support the curriculum and programs of the University, foster academic and professional research by the University community, and facilitate critical thinking and life-long learning by students.

The online library provides access to more than 60 databases in all disciplines available electronically 24/7 to all authorized students and faculty. More than 50,000 e-books, video clips, images, and full-text dissertations are also included in the online library offerings. Online reference assistance is available through e-mail and telephone.

Note: International students present in F-1 visa status are not eligible for online only programs of study.

Degree Programs

To view a complete listing of program requirements, please click here .

Doctoral Degrees

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)  

Ministry (D.Min.)  

Nursing Practice (DNP**)  

Post-graduate Certificates

Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (PGC)  
Family Nurse Practitioner (PGC)  
Nurse Educator Post Graduate Certificate (PGC)**   

Master's Degrees

Accounting (MS)  

Accounting (BS to MS)  

Business Administration (MBA)  

Criminal Justice (MS)  

Healthcare Administration (MBA)  

Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA)  

Master of Science in Human Resources Management (MS)  

Master of Science in Information Systems (MS)  

Leadership (MS)  

Master of Science in Nursing (Specialization in Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner) (MSN)**  

Master of Science in Nursing (Specialization in Family Nurse Practitioner) (MSN)**  

Master of Science in Nursing (Specialization in Nurse Administrator) (MSN)**  

Master of Science in Nursing (Specialization in Nurse Educator) (MSN)**  

Master of Science in Nursing (Specialization in Nursing Informatics) (MSN)**  

RN to Master of Science in Nursing (BSN/MSN**) , with the following specializations:

  • Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner
  • Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Nurse Administrator
  • Nurse Educator
  • Nursing Informatics

Public Administration (MPA)  

Master of Public Health (MPH)  

Bachelor's Degrees

Bachelor of Science in Accounting (BS)  

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)  

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (BS)  

Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management (BS)  

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with Specializations (BS)  

Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies (BS)  

RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)  

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (BA)  

Public Health (BS)   

Associate's Degrees

Associate of Science in Allied Health Sciences (AS)  

Paralegal Studies (AS)   

*Available partially online
**NOTE: Minnesota residents are not eligible to enroll in the online programs for the Doctor of Nursing Practice, Post Graduate Certificates in Nursing, the Master of Science in Nursing or the RN to Master of Science in Nursing.

About Online Courses

Online course sessions run for 4 weeks, 5 weeks, or 10 weeks. Due to the intensive and interactive format of online courses, active participation in courses is a key component of learning and provides a clear indicator of the level of understanding a student has achieved with a topic of study. Part of a student's overall grade for an online course is earned through meeting participation requirements which have been established for all South University online courses. In addition, students will be required to complete and submit the results from study exercises and formal assignments as further demonstration of competency with the skills and concepts covered in a course.

Each online course has the same exit competencies as its campus-based equivalent. Online courses are designed to take advantage of technology, making the learning environment more efficient and maximizing relevance to prior learning and experiences.

Students should contact their academic advisor for information on the length of each course in their program of study.

Taking an Online Program

In order to participate in online classes, students must have computer hardware and software equivalent to the specifications indicated by South University. Prior to registration each quarter, South University provides students with a list of courses to be offered online and the technology requirements for each course. A list of technology requirements is available through the South University, Online Programs Web site (, select South University, Online Programs as the location) and the South University Academic Catalog. Because South University regularly evaluates hardware and software needs to ensure that students taking online courses are utilizing technology in parity with students taking the same courses onsite, students should check for technology updates on a quarterly basis.

Registration for Online Courses

Online students are preregistered for classes by their Academic Counselor. Students will receive their preregistration schedule via notification on the Campus Common. Should a student have a question about the schedule or wish to be contacted by his or her online academic advisor, the student will have the option to do so. South University cannot guarantee course availability for students who register after the preregistration period.

Registration is confirmed for the new student once the online orientation has been completed. Registration is confirmed for the continuing student once a schedule has been received and confirmed through correspondence with the student's academic advisor.

Student Services

Students taking online courses have access to South University business partners for purchasing textbooks, hardware and software. Information about these vendors is provided in the online orientation course. Links to these vendors are located within the online campus.

Career Services

South University, Online Programs maintain a Career Services Department to assist students with locating and securing full-time, entry-level, field-related employment upon graduation.

Although employment in full-time positions is not guaranteed by South University, it is vitally important to both the student and the University that each student obtain appropriate employment. Therefore, as students approach the final quarter of their programs, specific and personalized attention is provided in the preparation of professional resumes and cover letters as well as in job search strategies and interviewing skills.

For more information about the Career Services at South University, Online Programs, please contact 888-444-3404.

Student Support

The Student Support team is available to assist online students. As the primary point of contact, the Student Support team is able to answer most student questions. The team can be reached at 888-444-3404 or

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Campus Common

The Campus Common is the "community beyond the classroom." The Campus Common can be accessed from the Student Portal or the online classroom and is a resource for students providing information on many subjects including South University, Online Programs news, tutoring and online discussions.

The Campus Common is also a resource for students providing access information about their account including academics and financial aid. The Student Portal is the gateway to the online classroom and also allows student to view documents such as course catalogs and directories.

Student Financial Aid

South University has a Department of Financial Aid where online students and their families can develop a financial plan to help ensure students' completion of their programs. Specialists from this department will help students complete the federal and state applications for grants and loans applicable to the students' circumstances. Once a student's eligibility for financial aid has been determined, a financial aid specialist will help the student develop a plan for meeting educational expenses. Students may contact the Financial Aid Department by phoning 888-444-3404 or through an email link provided within the South University-Online Programs Web site [, select South University, Online Programs as the location].  Financial aid is available to those students who qualify.

Emergency Leave Policy for Iowa Residents

Iowa residents who are a member, or a spouse of a member if the member has a dependent child, of the Iowa National Guard or Reserve Forces of the United States and who is ordered to state military service or federal service or duty will be afforded the following options:

  1. Withdraw from the student's entire registration and receive a full refund of tuition and mandatory fees.
  2. Make arrangements with the student's instructors for course grades, or for incompletes that shall be completed by the student at a later date. If such arrangement is made, the student's registration shall remain intact and tuition and mandatory fees shall be assessed for the courses in full.
  3. Make arrangement with only some of the student's instructors for grades, or for incompletes that shall be completed by the student at a later date. If such arrangements are made, the registration for those courses shall remain intact and mandatory fees shall be assessed for those courses. Any course for which arrangement cannot be made for grades or incompletes shall be considered dropped and the tuition and mandatory feels for the course refunded.


Prior to registration, students should obtain a technical specification list for hardware and software that supports the online courses. This list is always available from the download documents section of the online programs course catalog. Students may purchase necessary equipment through the hardware and software partners associated with South University, or through another vendor of choice.