Academic Placement Tests

Placement tests in Algebra and Sentence Skills are administered to determine if a student needs additional preparation in either of these areas. If need is determined, the student must enroll in the required course(s) in the first quarter in which scheduling the required course(s) is practical. All students who do not meet the criteria below must take placement tests during the admissions process unless they are transfer students. Note that in all cases transfer credit is not awarded for developmental courses.

Students being admitted on the basis of SAT and ACT scores will be exempt from taking the related placement test if they meet the certain criteria.

Exemption from MAT0099 Principles of Algebra, or ENG0099 Principles of Composition, is based on the following:

ACT Math > 14 
SAT Math Section Score> 440 

ACT English> 14 
SAT Evidence-Based Reading Test > 23 

Transfer students must take the appropriate placement test(s) if they are not exempt from either MAT0099 and/or ENG0099. Transfer students may be exempted from developmental courses in one of the following ways: 

  • On the basis of grades earned (at a C or better) in credit-bearing, non-developmental courses taken at an acceptable accredited institution that are equivalent to (or at a higher level than) the non-developmental courses offered at South University and are considered for transfer to South University.
  • If applicable, students may also be exempted from developmental courses on the basis of SAT or ACT scores as noted above.
  • Students may also take the University administered placement examination at South University campuses to seek such exemptions.
  • Only original documents (such as transcripts, SAT or ACT scores, etc.) will be considered in final decisions.