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2016-2017 South University Academic Catalog Version II 
2016-2017 South University Academic Catalog Version II [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions

South University courses are numbered according to the general level of instruction. Although there are exceptional cases, most courses numbered at the 1000 and 2000 levels are designed for freshmen and sophomore students; courses numbered at  the 3000 and 4000 levels are intended for junior and senior students. Developmental courses are designated by a 0099 course number. Courses are assigned letters by the department/major area in which they are taught and are listed in alphabetical order.

Academic offerings are subject to change at the discretion of the institution. Prerequisites can be waived with the permission of the Department Chair or Program Director. If no prerequisite is indicated, none is required.

South University reserves the right to cancel any scheduled class if 10 or fewer students are registered. Not all courses are offered at all campuses. Some courses are offered only through the online programs. Please contact the particular campus for current course availability.

Course descriptions describe the learning opportunities that are provided through the classroom and coursework. It is each student’s responsibility to participate in the activities that will lead to successfully meeting the learning outcomes.



   •  PHA4225 Pharmacotherapy II
   •  PHA4228 Pharmacokinetics II
   •  PHA4236 Leadership and Advocacy
   •  PHA4238 Integrated Pharmacy Skills Laboratory IV
   •  PHA4241 Occupational and Environmental Toxicology - Elective
   •  PHA4247 Pharmaceutical Care for Patients with Diabetes - Elective
   •  PHA4254 Pharmacy Law/Ethics
   •  PHA4264 Integrated Sequence II - Infectious Disease
   •  PHA4265 Integrated Sequence III - Inflammation
   •  PHA4280 Community Professional Practice Experience
   •  PHA4281 Institutional Professional Practice Experience
   •  PHA4301 Pharmacologic and Non-Pharmacologic Treatment of Obesity in Adult Patients - Elective
   •  PHA4302 Healthcare and Societal Skills for Geriatric Care - Elective
   •  PHA4303 Quality Improvement and Patient Safety - Elective
   •  PHA4335 Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatics
   •  PHA4367 Integrated Sequence IV - Autonomics
   •  PHA4368 Integrated Sequence V - GI/Hepatic Therapeutics
   •  PHA4371 Special Topics in Pharmaceutical Science - Elective
   •  PHA4373 Special Projects in Pharmaceutical Science - Elective
   •  PHA4374 Developing the Pharmacy Leader - Elective
   •  PHA4421 Advanced Infectious Diseases Seminar - Elective
   •  PHA5001 General Pharmacology I
   •  PHA5002 General Pharmacology II
   •  PHA5301 Research Study Development and Presentation - Elective
   •  PHA5302 Personal Finance for Pharmacists - Elective
   •  PHA5303 Animal Venoms and Poisons - Elective
   •  PHA5304 Women's Health: Focus on Gynecology and Obstetrics - Elective
   •  PHA5305 Advanced Pharmacy Informatics: Clinical Application - Elective
   •  PHA5306 Seminars in Hematology and Oncology - Elective
   •  PHA5307 A Practical Approach to Substance Abuse, Addiction and Recovery - Elective
   •  PHA5331 Applied Pharmaceutical Care I
   •  PHA5332 Applied Pharmaceutical Care II
   •  PHA5333 Drug Information, Literature Evaluation, Research Design and Methods
   •  PHA5350 Health Economics and Outcomes Assessment
   •  PHA5351 Integrated Sequence XI - Hematology/Oncology
   •  PHA5352 Complementary and Preventive Medicine
   •  PHA5353 Pharmacy Practice Management
   •  PHA5369 Integrated Sequence VI - Cardiology
   •  PHA5370 Integrated Sequence VII - Renal Therapeutics
   •  PHA5371 Integrated Sequence VIII - Central Nervous System
   •  PHA5372 Integrated Sequence IX - Endocrine Therapeutics
   •  PHA5373 Integrated Sequence X - Critical Care Nutrition
   •  PHA5375 Special Projects in Pharmaceutical Sciences - Coffee I - Elective
   •  PHA5376 Advanced Wound Care - Elective
   •  PHA5378 Medical Spanish Communication and Terminology - Elective
   •  PHA5379 Postgraduate Opportunities, Pharmacy Residencies - Elective
   •  PHA5381 Neonatology - Elective
   •  PHA5383 Advanced Pharmacotherapy in Primary Care - Elective
   •  PHA5385 Special Projects in Pharmaceutical Sciences - Coffee III - Elective
   •  PHA6339 Grand Rounds
   •  PHA6500 Essential Knowledge of Practice Review I
   •  PHA6501 Essential Knowledge of Practice Review II
   •  PHA6502 Essential Knowledge of Practice Review III
   •  PHA6525 APPE I: Advanced Community Rotation
   •  PHA6526 APPE II: Ambulatory Care Rotation
   •  PHA6527 APPE III: Inpatient General Medicine Rotation
   •  PHA6528 APPE IV: Advanced Institutional Rotation
   •  PHA6529 APPE V: Elective - Institutional Care Rotation I
   •  PHA6530 APPE VI: Elective - Institutional Care Rotation II
   •  PHA6531 APPE VII: Elective - Institutional Care Rotation III
   •  PHA6532 APPE VIII: Elective - Community Care Rotation I
   •  PHA6533 APPE IX: Elective - Community Care Rotation II
   •  PHA6534 APPE X: Elective - Community Care Rotation III
   •  PHA6535 APPE XI: Elective - Non-Patient Care Rotation
   •  PHA6536 APPE XII: Elective - Administrative Rotation


   •  PHI2301 Introduction to Philosophy
   •  PHI2302 Critical Reasoning
   •  PHI3001 Symbolic Logic

Physical Therapist Assistant

   •  PTA1001 Introduction to Physical Therapist Assistant
   •  PTA1003 Pathophysiology
   •  PTA1005 Kinesiology
   •  PTA1006 Testing and Measurement for the Physical Therapist Assistant
   •  PTA1008 Modalities
   •  PTA2000 Habilitation/Rehabilitation
   •  PTA2021 Therapeutic Exercise and Orthopedic Applications
   •  PTA2046 Advanced Habilitation/Rehabilitation
   •  PTA2047 Essentials of Clinical Care
   •  PTA2048 Clinical Externship I
   •  PTA2049 Current Rehabilitation Issues
   •  PTA2050 Professional Seminar
   •  PTA2057 Physical Therapy through the Lifespan
   •  PTA2058 Clinical Externship I
   •  PTA2059 Current Rehabilitation Issues
   •  PTA2099 Clinical Externship II

Physician Assistant

   •  PAS5102 Medical Interviewing and Documentation
   •  PAS5105 Epidemiology and Biostatistics
   •  PAS5110 Physical Assessment I
   •  PAS5111 Physical Assessment II
   •  PAS5124 Essentials of Behavioral Medicine
   •  PAS5125 Medical Anatomy and Physiology I
   •  PAS5126 Medical Anatomy and Physiology II
   •  PAS5130 Diagnostic Methods
   •  PAS5132 Essentials of Clinical Geriatrics
   •  PAS5135 Laboratory Diagnostics
   •  PAS5138 Fundamentals of Surgery
   •  PAS5147 Clinical Procedures
   •  PAS5167 Musculoskeletal Care
   •  PAS5173 Professional Seminar I
   •  PAS5174 Professional Seminar II
   •  PAS5175 Issues in Contemporary Medicine

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