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2016-2017 South University Academic Catalog Version II 
2016-2017 South University Academic Catalog Version II [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions

South University courses are numbered according to the general level of instruction. Although there are exceptional cases, most courses numbered at the 1000 and 2000 levels are designed for freshmen and sophomore students; courses numbered at  the 3000 and 4000 levels are intended for junior and senior students. Developmental courses are designated by a 0099 course number. Courses are assigned letters by the department/major area in which they are taught and are listed in alphabetical order.

Academic offerings are subject to change at the discretion of the institution. Prerequisites can be waived with the permission of the Department Chair or Program Director. If no prerequisite is indicated, none is required.

South University reserves the right to cancel any scheduled class if 10 or fewer students are registered. Not all courses are offered at all campuses. Some courses are offered only through the online programs. Please contact the particular campus for current course availability.

Course descriptions describe the learning opportunities that are provided through the classroom and coursework. It is each student’s responsibility to participate in the activities that will lead to successfully meeting the learning outcomes.



   •  LEA6150 Coaching and Professional Development
   •  LEA6175 International Leadership
   •  LEA6180 Strategic Negotiations
   •  LEA6185 International Negotiations
   •  LEA6999 Strategic Leadership and Implementation

Legal Studies

   •  LGS1001 The Legal Field: Law and Ethics
   •  LGS1004 Torts and Remedies
   •  LGS1005 Legal Research and Writing I
   •  LGS1006 Legal Research and Writing II
   •  LGS2001 Civil Litigation
   •  LGS2002 Family Law
   •  LGS2003 Estate Planning and Probate
   •  LGS2004 Criminal Law
   •  LGS2005 Real Estate Law
   •  LGS2007 Computers in the Legal Office
   •  LGS2008 Worker's Compensation Law
   •  LGS2010 Bankruptcy Law
   •  LGS2030 Administrative Law
   •  LGS2099 Paralegal Externship
   •  LGS3009 International Law
   •  LGS3040 Constitutional Law
   •  LGS3050 Immigration Law
   •  LGS3060 Contract Law for Paralegals
   •  LGS3065 Criminal Procedure
   •  LGS4005 Advanced Legal Research and Writing
   •  LGS4008 Litigation Support Management
   •  LGS4010 Evidence
   •  LGS4020 Advanced Real Estate Law
   •  LGS4030 Employment Law
   •  LGS4045 Advanced Technology for Paralegals
   •  LGS4050 Environmental Law
   •  LGS4051 Cyberlaw
   •  LGS4055 Intellectual Property
   •  LGS4060 Legal Externship II
   •  LGS4075 Legal Topics Seminar


   •  MGT2037 Principles of Management
   •  MGT2040 Fundamentals of Strategic Negotiations
   •  MGT3002 Organizational Behavior
   •  MGT3035 Fundamentals of Project Management
   •  MGT3045 Human Resources Management
   •  MGT3050 Organizational Change Management
   •  MGT3059 Operations Management
   •  MGT3102 Leadership
   •  MGT4027 Global Business Management
   •  MGT4054 Small Business Management
   •  MGT4059 Advanced Operations Management
   •  MGT4070 Strategic Management
   •  MGT7100 Seminar in Organizational Behavior
   •  MGT7105 Seminar in Group and Team Behavior
   •  MGT7110 Seminar in Organizational Theory
   •  MGT7115 Seminar in Leadership
   •  MGT7200 Seminar in Organizational Development and Change
   •  MGT7205 Seminar in Ethics and Social Responsibility


   •  MKT2010 Principles of Marketing
   •  MKT3010 Marketing Management
   •  MKT4106 Advertising and Promotion


   •  MAT0099 Principles of Algebra
   •  MAT1001 College Algebra I
   •  MAT1005 College Algebra II
   •  MAT1500 College Mathematics
   •  MAT2000 Pre-Calculus
   •  MAT2058 Statistics
   •  MAT2101 Calculus I
   •  MAT2102 Calculus II
   •  MAT3058 Statistics II
   •  MAT5001 Introductory Statistics for Graduate Studies


   •  MIN7000 Learning Skills for Ministry
   •  MIN7001 Academic Writing
   •  MIN7010 Biblical Interpretation
   •  MIN7011 Old Testament Context and Theology
   •  MIN7012 New Testament Context and Theology
   •  MIN7020 Theology Survey
   •  MIN7040 World Religions
   •  MIN7050 Christian Spiritual Formation
   •  MIN7051 Community and Discipleship
   •  MIN7060 Diversity in Ministry
   •  MIN7061 Leadership and Management in Ministry
   •  MIN7062 Communication Skills for Ministry
   •  MIN7063 Conflict Mediation and Reconciliation
   •  MIN7080 Introduction to Patoral Counseling
   •  MIN7110 Biblical and Theological Perspectives on Health and Wholeness
   •  MIN7160 Ministry in the Local Church
   •  MIN7161 Ministry in Institutional Settings
   •  MIN7181 Lifespan Development
   •  MIN7500 Theology and Research in Ministry
   •  MIN7560 Person and Practice of Ministry
   •  MIN7561 Theology, Death and Dying
   •  MIN7562 Homiletics
   •  MIN7563 Ministry with Disabled Persons
   •  MIN7565 Principles and Practice of Worship
   •  MIN7580 Ministry with Families
   •  MIN7590 Ministry Practicum I
   •  MIN7591 Clinical Pastoral Education, Level 1A
   •  MIN7592 Clinical Pastoral Education, Level 2A
   •  MIN7690 Ministry Practicum II
   •  MIN7691 Clinical Pastoral Education, Level 1B
   •  MIN7692 Clinical Pastoral Education, Level 2B
   •  MIN8000 Dissertation I
   •  MIN8001 Ministry Project I
   •  MIN8002 Supervisory Clinical Pastoral Education I

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