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2016-2017 South University Academic Catalog Version II 
2016-2017 South University Academic Catalog Version II [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions

South University courses are numbered according to the general level of instruction. Although there are exceptional cases, most courses numbered at the 1000 and 2000 levels are designed for freshmen and sophomore students; courses numbered at  the 3000 and 4000 levels are intended for junior and senior students. Developmental courses are designated by a 0099 course number. Courses are assigned letters by the department/major area in which they are taught and are listed in alphabetical order.

Academic offerings are subject to change at the discretion of the institution. Prerequisites can be waived with the permission of the Department Chair or Program Director. If no prerequisite is indicated, none is required.

South University reserves the right to cancel any scheduled class if 10 or fewer students are registered. Not all courses are offered at all campuses. Some courses are offered only through the online programs. Please contact the particular campus for current course availability.

Course descriptions describe the learning opportunities that are provided through the classroom and coursework. It is each student’s responsibility to participate in the activities that will lead to successfully meeting the learning outcomes.


Healthcare Management

   •  HCM4025 Strategic Management in Healthcare Organizations


   •  HIS1101 U.S. History I: Colonial to 1865
   •  HIS1102 U.S. History II: 1865 to Present

Hospitality Management

   •  HSM1100 Introduction to the Hospitality Industry
   •  HSM1200 Service Quality Management
   •  HSM1500 Purchasing and Cost Control
   •  HSM2100 Foodservice Operations Management
   •  HSM2200 Lodging Operations Management

Human Resource Management

   •  HRM5000 Strategic Human Resource Management
   •  HRM5010 Human Resource Planning
   •  HRM5020 Labor Laws and Ethical Standards
   •  HRM5030 Organizational Staffing
   •  HRM5040 Classification, Compensation, and Benefits
   •  HRM5050 Performance Management
   •  HRM5060 Training and Development
   •  HRM5070 Labor Unions, Workplace Safety, and Security
   •  HRM5090 Internal Consulting
   •  HRM6000 International Human Resources Management
   •  HRM6010 Metrics and Measurement of Human Resources Management
   •  HRM6999 Capstone in Human Resources Management


   •  HUM1001 History of Art through the Middle Ages
   •  HUM1002 History of Art from the Middle Ages to Modern Times
   •  HUM2101 World Civilization I: Prehistory to 1500 C.E.
   •  HUM2102 World Civilization II: 1500 to Present

Information Systems

   •  IST5010 Information Technology Infrastructure
   •  IST5020 Information Systems Fundamentals
   •  IST5070 Network and Systems Fundamentals
   •  IST6000 Principles of Systems Development
   •  IST6010 Project Management
   •  IST6020 Corporate Information Systems Management
   •  IST6101 Web Technologies
   •  IST6160 Information Design and Usability
   •  IST6161 Human Computer Interaction
   •  IST6163 Cognitive Software Design
   •  IST6262 Network Operations Management
   •  IST6995 Information Systems Capstone
   •  MIS3101 Application of Management Information Systems
   •  MIS5010 Information Technology Infrastructure
   •  MIS5020 Information Systems Fundamentals
   •  MIS5030 Emerging Technologies
   •  MIS6000 Principles of System Development
   •  MIS6010 Project Management
   •  MIS6020 Corporate Information Systems Management
   •  MIS6101 Web Technologies
   •  MIS6160 Information Design and Usability
   •  MIS6161 Human Computer Interaction
   •  MIS6210 Decision Support Systems
   •  MIS6211 Data Management
   •  MIS6212 Cognitive Computing
   •  MIS6230 IT Audit, Control, and Compliance
   •  MIS6231 Risk Management
   •  MIS6250 Organizational Information Security
   •  MIS6262 Network Operations Management
   •  MIS6990 Information Systems Internship
   •  MIS6995 Information Systems Capstone

Information Technology

   •  ITS1000 Computer and Internet Literacy
   •  ITS1101 Foundations of Information Technology
   •  ITS1103 Ethics and Information Technology
   •  ITS1105 Theory of Computation
   •  ITS2021 Spreadsheet and Database Applications
   •  ITS2103 Networking Fundamentals
   •  ITS2104 Programming Logic
   •  ITS2105 Programming I
   •  ITS2108 Human Computer Interface
   •  ITS2110 Database Design and Development
   •  ITS2111 Multimedia Web Development
   •  ITS3100 Software Engineering Fundamentals
   •  ITS3101 Advanced Operating Systems and Architecture
   •  ITS3102 SQL Development
   •  ITS3103 Advanced Networking
   •  ITS3104 IT Security
   •  ITS3105 Programming II
   •  ITS3110 Applied Systems Analysis
   •  ITS4011 IT Project Management
   •  ITS4090 Applied Systems Analysis II
   •  ITS4099 IT Research
   •  ITS4103 IT Capstone
   •  ITS4105 Network Administration I
   •  ITS4106 Network Administration II
   •  ITS4107 Designing and Maintaining Network Implementations
   •  ITS4108 Network Programming
   •  ITS4109 Server Technology
   •  ITS4110 Digital Audio and Imaging for Multimedia and Web
   •  ITS4111 Web Authoring Tools
   •  ITS4112 Web Programming
   •  ITS4113 Database Systems for Website Applications
   •  ITS4114 Advanced Database Design and Development
   •  ITS4115 Database Administration
   •  ITS4116 Database Programming
   •  ITS4200 Information Technology Internship
   •  ITS4211 Network Security
   •  ITS4221 Application Software Security
   •  ITS4231 Case Studies in Computer Security


   •  INS7115 College Teaching
   •  INS7200 Instructional Design
   •  INS7205 Measurement and Assessment in Education


   •  LEA5100 Leadership, Organization Theory and Change
   •  LEA5125 Leadership Ethics, Culture, and Politics
   •  LEA5130 Team Building and Group Dynamics
   •  LEA5140 Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

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