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2016-2017 South University Academic Catalog Version II 
2016-2017 South University Academic Catalog Version II [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions

South University courses are numbered according to the general level of instruction. Although there are exceptional cases, most courses numbered at the 1000 and 2000 levels are designed for freshmen and sophomore students; courses numbered at  the 3000 and 4000 levels are intended for junior and senior students. Developmental courses are designated by a 0099 course number. Courses are assigned letters by the department/major area in which they are taught and are listed in alphabetical order.

Academic offerings are subject to change at the discretion of the institution. Prerequisites can be waived with the permission of the Department Chair or Program Director. If no prerequisite is indicated, none is required.

South University reserves the right to cancel any scheduled class if 10 or fewer students are registered. Not all courses are offered at all campuses. Some courses are offered only through the online programs. Please contact the particular campus for current course availability.

Course descriptions describe the learning opportunities that are provided through the classroom and coursework. It is each student’s responsibility to participate in the activities that will lead to successfully meeting the learning outcomes.


Behavioral Sciences

   •  BEH2061 Research Methods Lab
   •  BEH3500 Motivation
   •  BEH3520 Child/Adolescent Development
   •  BEH3530 Adult Development
   •  BEH4001 Addictions
   •  BEH4040 Human Sexuality
   •  BEH4100 Behavioral Science in Organizations
   •  BEH4150 Behavioral Science of Leadership
   •  BEH4300 Ethics in the Behavioral Sciences
   •  BEH4400 Child and Adolescent Disorders
   •  BEH4420 Health Psychology
   •  BEH4600 Advanced Analysis and Methods
   •  BEH4800 Senior Seminar
   •  BEH4851 Senior Thesis I
   •  BEH4852 Senior Thesis II
   •  BEH4900 Field Placement


   •  BIO1011 Anatomy and Physiology I
   •  BIO1012 Anatomy and Physiology I Lab
   •  BIO1013 Anatomy and Physiology II
   •  BIO1014 Anatomy and Physiology II Lab
   •  BIO1020 Principles of Biology I
   •  BIO1021 Principles of Biology II
   •  BIO2015 Human Pathophysiology
   •  BIO2070 Microbiology
   •  BIO2071 Microbiology Lab
   •  BIO2073 Microbiology Laboratory
   •  BIO3344 Principles of Genetics

Business Administration

   •  BUS1038 Business Law I
   •  BUS1101 Introduction to Business
   •  BUS2023 Business Communications
   •  BUS2038 Business Law II
   •  BUS3001 Ethics in Organizations
   •  BUS3041 Managerial Communications
   •  BUS3055 Business Law for Commercial Transactions
   •  BUS3059 Quantitative Business Analysis
   •  BUS3101 Dynamic Decision Making
   •  BUS4098 Business Simulation
   •  BUS4100 Business Internship
   •  BUS4101 Quality Management
   •  BUS7000 Introduction to the Professional Doctorate
   •  BUS7100 Research Methods I
   •  BUS7105 Research Methods II
   •  BUS7200 Statistics for Research Methods I
   •  BUS7205 Statistics for Research Methods II
   •  BUS8100 Doctoral Dissertation Research Development
   •  BUS8100E Doctoral Dissertation Research Development Extension
   •  BUS8105 Doctoral Dissertation Proposal
   •  BUS8105E Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Extension
   •  BUS8115 Doctoral Dissertation Preparation
   •  BUS8115E Doctoral Dissertation Preparation Extension
   •  BUS8120 Doctoral Dissertation Defense
   •  BUS8120E Doctoral Dissertation Defense Extension
   •  MBA5001 Organizational Behavior and Communication
   •  MBA5004 Managerial Economics
   •  MBA5005 Law and Ethics for Managers
   •  MBA5008 Quantitative Analysis and Decision Making
   •  MBA5009 Managerial Environment
   •  MBA6010 Managerial Finance
   •  MBA6011 Strategic Marketing
   •  MBA6012 Operations and Supply Chain Management
   •  MBA6501 Strategic Human Resource Management
   •  MBA6505 Organizational Development and Change Management
   •  MBA6710 Entrepreneurial Organizations and Small Businesses
   •  MBA6999 Strategic Development and Implementation


   •  CHM1010 General Chemistry


   •  COM2005 Introduction to Communication Theory
   •  COM2006 Interpersonal Communication
   •  COM2010 Introduction to the Electronic and Emerging Mass Media
   •  COM2020 Fundamentals of Persuasion
   •  COM3010 History of the Mass Media Influencing Culture and Society
   •  COM3020 Theories of Mass Communication
   •  COM3050 Intercultural Communication
   •  COM3070 Ethics in Mass Communication
   •  COM3080 Legal Environment in Mass Communication
   •  COM3090 Research Methods in Mass Communication


   •  CNS6000 Counseling Theory
   •  CNS6002 Counseling Theory
   •  CNS6005 Counseling Theory
   •  CNS6006 Counseling Theory Seminar
   •  CNS6018 Psychopathology
   •  CNS6020 Psychopathology
   •  CNS6029 Diagnostics of Psychopathology and Treatment
   •  CNS6041 Diagnostics of Psychopathology
   •  CNS6043 Psychopathology
   •  CNS6050 Lifespan Development
   •  CNS6051 Diagnostics of Psychopathology and Treatment
   •  CNS6052 Lifespan Development
   •  CNS6053 Lifespan Development
   •  CNS6056 Lifespan Development Seminar
   •  CNS6108 Advanced Counseling Skills, Interventions, and Treatment
   •  CNS6161 Counseling Techniques
   •  CNS6162 Counseling Techniques
   •  CNS6313 Professional Orientation and Ethics
   •  CNS6314 Professional Orientation and Ethics
   •  CNS6315 Professional Orientation and Ethics
   •  CNS6316 Professional Orientation and Ethics
   •  CNS6317 Professional and Ethical Issues Seminar
   •  CNS6425 Clinical Mental Health Counseling
   •  CNS6426 Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Philosophy
   •  CNS6428 Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Interventions

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