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2019-2020 South University Academic Catalog Version I 
2019-2020 South University Academic Catalog Version I

Course Descriptions

Course Numbering System.  South University courses are numbered according to the general level of instruction. Although there are exceptional cases, most courses numbered at the 1000 and 2000 levels are designed for freshmen and sophomore students; courses numbered at  the 3000 and 4000 levels are intended for junior and senior students. Developmental courses are designated by a 0099 course number. Courses are assigned letters by the department/major area in which they are taught and are listed in alphabetical order.

Courses may be offered in a variety of combined instructional modalities including (but not limited to) ground, online, blended/hybrid, videoteleconferencing, externship and clinical (e.g., internship, practicum, experiential) formats..Academic offerings are subject to change at the discretion of the institution. If no prerequisite is indicated, none is required.

South University reserves the right to cancel any scheduled class if 10 or fewer students are registered. Not all courses are offered at all campuses. Some courses are offered only through the online programs. Please contact the particular campus for current course availability.

Course descriptions describe the learning opportunities that are provided through the classroom and coursework. It is each student’s responsibility to participate in the activities that will lead to successfully meeting the learning outcomes.


Other Courses

   •  PHA4372 Special Topics in Practice: hormone Dependent Cancers
   •  PHA5343 Comprehensive Diabetes Management


   •  ACC1001 Accounting I
   •  ACC1002 Accounting II
   •  ACC1003 Accounting III
   •  ACC2003 Business Taxation
   •  ACC2010 Automated Accounting Systems and Processes I
   •  ACC2015 Automated Accounting Systems and Processes II
   •  ACC3010 Accounting Information Systems
   •  ACC3020 Intermediate Financial Accounting I
   •  ACC3025 Intermediate Financial Accounting II
   •  ACC3040 Cost Accounting
   •  ACC3045 Intermediate Cost Management
   •  ACC4010 Federal Taxation I
   •  ACC4035 Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting
   •  ACC4050 Internal Auditing and Assurance
   •  ACC5001 Ethics and Accounting
   •  ACC5005 Financial Accounting and Reporting
   •  ACC5328 Intermediate Financial Accounting III
   •  ACC5335 Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting
   •  ACC5348 Advanced Financial Accounting
   •  ACC5360 External Auditing and Assurance
   •  ACC5372 Federal Taxation II
   •  ACC6311 Advanced Accounting Information Systems
   •  ACC6315 Accounting Services Consulting
   •  ACC6330 Advanced Financial Reporting
   •  ACC6342 Corporate Controllership
   •  ACC6345 Intermediate Cost Management
   •  ACC6362 Forensic and Fraud Auditing
   •  ACC6374 Advanced Taxation
   •  ACC6999 Capstone Review

Allied Health Sciences

   •  AHS1001 Medical Terminology
   •  AHS2005 Clinical Competencies I
   •  AHS2006 Clinical Competencies II
   •  AHS2007 Clinical Laboratory Competencies
   •  AHS2087 Medical Office Procedures
   •  AHS2090 Medical Insurance and Coding
   •  AHS2092 Computers in the Medical Office
   •  AHS2095 Medical Assisting Certification Review
   •  AHS2098 Medical Assisting Practicum

Anesthesia Science

   •  ANS5001 Clinical Anesthesia I
   •  ANS5012 Clinical Anesthesia II
   •  ANS5013 Clinical Anesthesia III
   •  ANS5014 Clinical Anesthesia IV
   •  ANS5015 Clinical Anesthesia V
   •  ANS5020 Medical Terminology
   •  ANS5081 Principles of Airway Management I
   •  ANS5100 Physics of Anesthesia
   •  ANS5120 Introduction to Anesthesia Delivery Systems & Equipment
   •  ANS5140 Pre-anesthetic Evaluation
   •  ANS5160 Introduction to Clinical Anesthesia
   •  ANS5181 Anesthesia Laboratory I
   •  ANS5182 Anesthesia Laboratory II
   •  ANS5183 Anesthesia Laboratory III
   •  ANS5184 Anesthesia Laboratory IV
   •  ANS5191 Anesthesia Simulation I
   •  ANS5192 Anesthesia Simulation II
   •  ANS5193 Anesthesia Simulation III
   •  ANS5194 Anesthesia Simulation IV
   •  ANS5201 Cardiovascular Physiology for Anesthesia Practice I
   •  ANS5202 Cardiovascular Physiology for Anesthesia Practice II
   •  ANS5221 Principles of Instrumentation and Patient Monitoring I
   •  ANS5222 Principles of Instrumentation and Patient Monitoring II
   •  ANS5300 Pulmonary Physiology for Anesthesia Practice
   •  ANS5302 Pulmonary Physiology for Anesthesia Practice II
   •  ANS5345 Anesthesia Principles and Practice I
   •  ANS5346 Anesthesia Principles and Practice II
   •  ANS5347 Anesthesia Principles and Practice III
   •  ANS5348 Anesthesia Principles and Practice IV
   •  ANS5421 Pharmacology in Anesthesia Practice I
   •  ANS5422 Pharmacology in Anesthesia Practice II
   •  ANS5502 Advanced Anesthesia Systems and Monitoring
   •  ANS5510 AA Professional Seminar
   •  ANS5520 Advanced Airway Management
   •  ANS5601 Regional Anesthesia Practice I
   •  ANS5602 Regional Anesthesia Practice II
   •  ANS5931 Anatomy & Physiology I
   •  ANS5932 Anatomy & Physiology II
   •  ANS5941 Anatomy & Physiology Lab I
   •  ANS5942 Anatomy & Physiology Lab II
   •  ANS5995 Individual Tutorial
   •  ANS5996 Individual Directed Study
   •  ANS5998 Remedial Studies
   •  ANS6011 Clinical Anesthesia I
   •  ANS6012 Clinical Anesthesia II
   •  ANS6013 Clinical Anesthesia III
   •  ANS6014 Clinical Anesthesia IV
   •  ANS6021 Senior Seminar I
   •  ANS6022 Senior Seminar II
   •  ANS6023 Senior Seminar III
   •  ANS6024 Senior Seminar IV
   •  ANS6041 Anesthesia Review I
   •  ANS6042 Anesthesia Review II
   •  ANS6043 Anesthesia Review III
   •  ANS6044 Anesthesia Review IV
   •  ANS6995 Individual Clinical Practicum
   •  ANS6996 Individual Directed Study

Behavioral Sciences

   •  BEH2007 Statistics for Behavioral Sciences
   •  BEH2008 Statistics for Behavioral Sciences Lab
   •  BEH2060 Research Methods

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